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Friday, March 26, 2010

This week is a wrap! So here is my Best of the Blogs review—what I thought were the prime bloggy cuts from this 12th week of 2010.

1. HCR
The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (HR 3590) was signed into law by President Obama. And there was definitely lots of chatter about it. As a Canadian living in the States, I never understood why people would be against—and so vehemently—something that seemed humane and sensible: health care for all. I found plenty of people online who agreed with me on that point.

A-Game pro blogger Heather B. Armstrong, who runs the ever-popular personal blog, sounded off here on why change in this country’s health care system was vital., the online magazine and community that speaks to new parents, broke it down to finer points here, looking at the 10 parts of the bill that “most likely affect parents and children.” Basically answering the question, What does the health care reform bill mean for my kids?

2. The Mat Leave Maze
Over at ad hoc MOM, the topic raised is yet another one that makes me scratch my Canadian head: American maternity leave policies. Basically, under federal mandate, when you’re out on mat leave, the only thing promised to you is that you cannot be fired. But paid leave? Slow your roll, new mom. That all depends on your employer. (In Canada, you get a year. Yeah, I said 12 months. Paid.) Following ad hoc Mom’s solid post is a link listing the e-mails of all U.S. Senators and a handy, well-worded “Dear Senator” e-mail (should you not know exactly what to say) demanding paid maternity leave. Hear, hear!

3. Motherhood = Oppression?
An interesting read on the New York Times’ parenting blog, Motherlode, about a profile of French writer and philosopher Elisabeth Badinter that ran in a UK paper. Badinter’s new book, a best seller in France, is Le Conflit, La Femme et La Mère (translation: The Conflict, the Woman and the Mother).

One quick highlight/Badinter quote from the interview: “You don’t enter a religious order when you have children. Today, we’re told we’re not allowed to smoke, to eat unpasteurised cheese or seafood or even to a drink a glass of wine when we are pregnant. It’s time to stop all that.”

Badinter’s book is not yet available in the U.S. Hmm … you don’t say.

4. Picture It
I’m new to blogging. And even newer to mommy blogs. Let me tell you, there are so, so many mommy blogs out there. I’ve stumbled up countless. Some I like a lot. Others … well, I like them a lot less. But here’s one that is just delightful: The photographs are inspired. The blogger and photographer, Karen Waldron, is my new photog motivation to get better at trying to capture the minutiae and the magnitude of these moments swirling around me everyday. See her post from Thursday about a trip to San Francisco here. (While there, you must also check out both her “100 things i want to do before i go” and the “1000 faces project.”)

5. QB
This one isn’t a blog recap or link. It’s simply a fun photo for a Friday. OK, two fun photos!

What a fantastic launch week. Thanks to all for checking out Ms. Mary Mack! See you next week, yes?

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    Thanks so much for the kind shout-out! :)


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    jan burton says:

    Wonderful week wrapup, especially the pictures of your best production ever so far. Your MMM blog is done with your usual panache, and competence and I look forward to following this, just as I have your other accomplishments. What fun it’s been to be a part of your book and baby launch. QT, at 13mos. reflects your smart, solid, loving parenting, where you both stay in the lead. The result is this incredible, secure, and newly independant toddler, curious and funny, abd pretty mellow. So does it all get better–you bet. You have much to share.Oh yes, am one of the two “beaming in-laws” in Princeton

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    Yvette says:

    Wow, QTB is so cute,