And So It Was Blogged (III)

Friday, April 9, 2010

The week was over almost as soon as it began. So let’s keep it moving. Here are this week’s Best of the Blogs—my rundown of what I thought were the prime bloggy cuts from this 14th week of 2010.

1. Use Your Words
I’ve never been big on swearing. OK, I did go through the briefest phase when I lived in Southern California and had to drive everywhere. Those LA freeways would make anyone cussin’ crazy, I tell you. But now that I’m a mama (a.k.a. walking-talking example), I’ve got to figure out how I’m going to play it when I—or, more likely, my sometimes-pirate husband—lets a bad word slip. New York Times’ parenting blog, Motherlode has a guest-blogger talking about this very thing.

2. Breast Friends
This week the New York Times reported on a recent study‘s findings that “nearly 900 babies would be saved each year, along with billions of dollars, if 90 percent of U.S. women fed their babies breast milk for the first six months of life.” Good intel. No argument there. Where there is contention, though? Breastfeeding in public. Blogger Jessica Gottlieb kicked up that old debate dust here. And that sparked another discussion here, on the blog Her Bad Mother, about parental responsibility and bringing children into the “public sphere.” Be sure to read the comments here, too.

3. In the Mood for Food
It was supposed to be some kind of April Fool’s Day joke: bacon-flavored baby formula. But some people were not really laughing. Over at The Huffington Post, it prompted the question, Is Our Society Doomed?

I don’t eat bacon (or any other style of pork or lamb or beef or duck—all to my husband’s chagrin), so my question is more, Why does everything come wrapped/topped/infused with bacon these days? When is the Year of the Pig over in New York City’s fine dining scene? But that’s another debate for a foodie blog, I guess.

Speaking of food blogs, there are a few that are doing fine, fine jobs, making me think I can be the next Jacques Torres. I like to bake, and have made some tasty-cake specials over the years. But the things that come up on the exceptional blog Smitten Kitchen … just delectable. Like I might actually attempt this.

A new family food blog debuted this week. From the mind and kitchen of Brooklyn’s Stacie Billis (of super-popular comes One Hungry Mama. With the semi-mantra “Kids change the way we cook, but they don’t have to change how well we eat,” One Hungry Mama is helping parents whip up delicious, healthy grub for the fam.

4. Strange Love
I think I’m officially a groupie. I make sure I visit a few times a week, perusing the fantastic photographs and always-sharp content of writer/photographer (or more “someone who speaks-writes-shoots“) Karen Waldon. This week’s check-in led me to another photographer with a splendid project. Utah wedding and portrait photog Justin Hackworth is photographing a mom-daughter duo every day for the month of April. That’s 30 portraits in 30 days. It’s called 30 Strangers because, well, he’s never met any of these women before. And instead of charging his usual fee, the proceeds are going to the Center for Women and Children in Crisis in Provo, UT.

5. Welcome, Sunshine. Make Yourself at Home
The weather was just my speed these last few days. I don’t want to be even overheard whispering that it was a teensy bit too hot one day earlier this week, for fear that Mother Nature will kick me in my shin by way of giant rainstorm. QB and I really enjoyed walking to the park, and taking our time getting there. It’s such a joy to watch him take in all there is to see.

Here are two quick snaps I hope punctuate the end of your week with a smile. See you next week, yes?

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