And So It Was Blogged (IV)

Friday, April 16, 2010

This week was a strange one. After surviving my sister’s bach’ette fete and bridal shower in Vegas last weekend, I’ve been a little off my schedule. Literally mixed up the days of this week, almost like I’ve lost time or I’m living an alterna-reality (cue Lost black-screen and logo floating up here). But I know today is Friday because here we are at the Best of the Blogs—my rundown of what I thought were the prime bloggy cuts from this 15th week of 2010.

1. Let Me See That Cow
I’ve been aware of the scary situation also known as the American Food Industry for a good while now. Our li’l fam is pretty diligent about the kinds of foods we put in out bodies. Don’t get me wrong, this girl ain’t chucking a quality cupcake to the curb anytime soon. After a weird experience with some supposedly organic milk we bought for QB, I wondered if there was a way to detect any faux-ganic (that’s my made-up gem for fake organic) products out there. So I was pleased to see this on a child grows in brooklyn—a great resource for all of us parents in the BK.

(Fascinating/Fun Friday Side Fact: I chatted with Michelle Mannix, the “Honey” of Brooklyn’s popular cafe Ted & Honey*, and she told me that, as per a smarty-pants economist she met, the Cobble Hill zip code has more children under the age of 3 per square inch than anywhere else in the United States! )

Part of the crime in the food game is how much buying organic and living green can cost. Here’s a helpful blog with the great tagline: Helping Moms Go Organic Without Going Broke.

*Ted & Honey now offers yummy organic baby food. Plus when you return the baby food “jar,” they will sterilize it for you, refill it and take 50 cents off the next order.

2. Top of the Food Chain recently published its list of the 50 Best Mom Food Bloggers, and within that there are sub-categories like Healthiest Eating. Here’s the list of the top 10 mom food bloggers (can we just call them MFBs from here on?) who dabble in the healthy grub. Definitely bookmark-able. (Another new word coined? Prob not.)

The Babble 50 is clearly about admiration of MFBs. Here‘s a story on about the ugly side of MFB. And by ugly I mean a mom blogs about making some rainbow pancakes and the negative comment avalanche produces things like: “You shouldn’t be allowed to procreate if you’re going to feed your kids junk!” What the hell? We’re talking about colorful pancakes, people, not a tobacco and vodka pie.

3. Great, More Guilt
Stay-at-home Moms vs. Working Moms. That debate has gone on for a few decades, at least. Now, just so the work from home mom hybrid doesn’t feel left out of the fray, some experts are flapping their lips in a USA Today story about how the same technology that allows moms/parents to work at home is also causing major disruptions in family time.

And here, the NYT‘s Motherlode blog gets into that same work/life balance story, asking readers to use the comments section to discuss questions like, “Have you rearranged your working life only to find that you aren’t spending real time with your family?” And to share tips on how they’re maneuvering those tricky “work-life boundaries.”

4.  The Definition of Heartbreak
My husband sent me the link to this story from the Washington Post that just won a Pulitzer Prize. It’s a wrenching story on parents who killed their own children by inadvertently leaving them in the backseat of the car. I couldn’t read it, and my husband said he could barely finish it. But from what he told me, though the 2009 story is utterly devastating, it’s also beautifully written.

The popular blog for new dads,, also wrote about it here. Check out the comment section, too. There’s one commenter who pasted some valuable summertime tips about children and cars.

5. The Babies Are Coming!
There’s a phenomenal documentary coming out Mother’s Day weekend that’s simply called Babies. The film simultaneously follows four babies in four very different countries—Japan, Mongolia, Namibia, and the United States—from birth to first steps. Read more about this fantastic documentary here. And enjoy the sweet trailer below.

See you next week, yes?

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    Kate says:

    That WaPo story about “Fatal Distractions” is really heartbreaking. That journalist, Gene Weingarten, is one of my favorites – for a story that’s much easier to read, check out his piece about “The Great Zucchini,” Washington’s highest-paid, gambling-addicted, children’s clown:

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      Ms. Mack says:

      Kate, I’ll get up the nerve to read the Weingarten piece soon. I saw an Oprah show not too long ago, with a woman who went through this horrible, horrible ordeal–accidentally leaving her daughter in the car one hot summer’s day. They actually played the 9-1-1 call, and that was hard to hear.

      I’ll see what GW has to say about this gamblin’ kiddie clown, too. Thanks for the link. And thanks for reading MMM!