And So It Was Blogged (VI)

Friday, April 30, 2010

This week started off on a great note with me taking QB to the city to visit Dada at work. While I had a dentist appointment, my son had a ball. He marched up and down, walked the grounds (as we like to call it), played in cubicles, tried to solve someone’s Rubik’s Cube, ate lunch in the conference room, and generally charmed the shoes off those sports-loving journos. A good way to do a Monday. Then I blinked and it was Friday. And so here’s a great note to end the workweek on: the Best of the Blogs—my rundown of what I thought were the prime bloggy cuts from this 17th week of 2010.

1. The Shuteye Shuffle
It is no way hyperbole to say that when babies start sleeping through the night it will change your life. It is that revolutionary. And when you gets naps down, man … it’s like a sunshiny summer’s day after 43 days of straight rain. So this article on’s always insightful blog DoubleX Health. It’s about how babies’ relationship with sleep is different from that of adults, and why the little cute-bombs need their own brand of tricks to get better rest.

There’s also a link to this aww-inducing gallery of sleeping babies.

2. That Baby is Just Like …
From the time babies enter our world, folks are always trying to pin down who the little one looks like and, later, acts like. But these little people are exactly that, people and not sheets of carbon paper. The question then becomes, when does your kid develop his/her own sense of self. Blogger Amy Web delves into this topic here on Type-A Mom. Webb, who holds a PhD in Human Development and Family Sciences, talks about the mirror test that some child psychologists used back in the ’70s to help answer the sense-of-self question.

Webb has a great blog of her own called The Thoughtful Parent. One of her posts this week focused on this book, the latest from Ellen Galinsky which has made the bloggy rounds. The book is about the “seven essential skills” that you’d want your kids to learn because they would benefit them not only in childhood but also throughout life.

Lisa Belkin over at the NYT‘s parenting blog Motherlode called the book possibly “the next iconic parenting manual, up there with Spock and Leach and Brazelton.”

Read the Motherlode post here and Webb’s take on Mind in the Making here.

3. Abs-solutely Not
TV’s The Biggest Loser fitness trainer Jillian Michaels set the blog world spinning for at least a few hours this week with her comments about pregnancy, moreover, not being able to “handle” what sporting a baby bump can do to her body. Here‘s what I had to say about the matter.

Most folks (mothers) were generally appalled. While others applauded her honesty and saw it more as Michaels putting her career before motherhood.

As the funny/racy Motherhood Uncensored said here, it was a “missed opportunity for Jillian Michaels to continue to inspire the masses, as well as take on and tackle her own demons.”

4. Number One With a Bullock
Sandra Bullock revealed, via a world exclusive People magazine cover story, that she is the proud new mama to an ultra-cute puffalump named Louis Bardo Bullock. She adopted the sweet baby boy back in January, but kept the new addition to the fam deeeeep under wraps. Even with the madhouse swirl of paparazzi/stalkerazzi trying to snap that top-dollar pic of her, post-cheating husband scandal, no one had even the slightest clue about her new son. Now that’s how you flip the script! The blogs were beaming about the move—after collective closing their stunned open mouths. We love you, Sandy! She’s a triumphant new mom! Bullock calls checkmate!

Well, we here at MMM just want to wish you all the best, Mama B and baby Louis!

5. Hold … Released
At the top of this month, I wrote about a collaborative photo blog for women called Shutter Sisters and their cool One Word Project. The word for April was “hold,” and the images that came through were outstanding and the interpretations of the word were wonderfully varied. Today is the last day for hold. Tomorrow means a new month and a new one-word. Looking forward to that, indeed. But they leave us with this stirring shot: a little girl clutching her father’s hand in Laos.

(Flickr) © All rights reserved

Before we leave, here’s a quick Friday Funny for you. Sometimes the New Yorker cartoons get it so right. Has this ever happened at your house? “Would you have liked any help?”.

Have a good one. See you next week, yes?

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