First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage, Then Comes … Two Babies Exactly 18 Months Apart in a $800 Bugaboo Carriage

Monday, May 3, 2010

Growing up, I used to say that I wanted two kids: a girl and a boy. Of course, back then I also thought that maybe—just maybe—I might grow up and marry Michael Jackson. (*head bows in a moment of silence*)

I don’t know how the two-kids picture got into my mind’s eye; I was one of four kids. Maybe there was something about the evenness of a girl/boy set-up. We were three girls, one boy in the Blades household.

I could almost see this perfect square of a family, as we drive our smooth sedan up the even smoother driveway to our house. (When I was really young, the house usually looked like this. Hey, blame Hollywood and its Anywhere, U.S.A, conventions.)

Even as I got a bit older—and shook the Mrs. MJ dream and Father of the Bride real estate ideal—I continued thinking that having two kids made sense. It just sounded right.

Then … I had a baby.

Now the idea of going back to the well for another is not as certain. Not as “in the cards.”

QB is one joyful kid. I love that baby. It’s truly remarkable how much I do. Although it was some serious bootcamp-style indoctrination during those first six weeks in New Mommy World, our son has been a delight. So why am I so unsure about having another baby? Why am I thinking one and done?

I don’t know the answers. This is only the beginning of a long conversation.

I do know that there are good reasons resting on both sides of the fence that I’m sitting on. I do know that I want to give some real thought to the next move here and not just go the “see whatever happens” route. And I know that whichever decision I/we make, it will be the right one for our little family.

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    nblades says:

    It’s probably just a matter of perspective. I know that being the very youngest in my family, I often felt like the only child. I would have loved to have a little buddy who was 2 years older/younger than me. Because of that, I think I’d really like to have more than 1 kid but we’ll see. Good post!


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      Ms. Mack says:

      Thanks for the comment. Yes, it all come down to perspective and choice–like so many things in life. I’m still sitting on the fence, though. And I’m OK with that…for now.