And So It Was Blogged (VII)

Friday, May 7, 2010

I like May. It usually means great weather—not too hot or muggy and the rain is gone. (Clearly 2010 has put the kibosh on all my weather ideas.) I started the month off with a morning run over the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges. Afterward I felt quiet accomplished. Then I came home and all of that coo-de-la, good-day-sunshine stuff went the way of the window because I read about this major crib recall. Hassle and frustration (talking to you, UPS … *side-eye*) ensued. Decided in the shower to let go of the Recall Headache and make today a fresh start for my May. And a good way to kick that off is with the Best of the Blogs—with a twist! It’s the May is For Mamas Mother’s Day Edition. Here’s my rundown of what I thought were the prime bloggy cuts all about mamas this 18th week of 2010.

1. The Picture of Motherhood
Moms have plenty of stories to tell. And not all of them are the cute-overload kind. Some are touching and sad and real like this one from SMITH magazine about a young mom-to-be who suffers a miscarriage at the beginning of her second trimester. SMITH is an online magazine that “celebrates the joy of passionate, personal storytelling.”

The SMITH editors are the big minds behind telling little life stories—the Six-Word Memoir. (Here’s the NYT-bestselling first book in the Six-Word series.) For Mother’s Day the mag is running a contest asking folks to submit six on motherhood. Whether you are one or just have one, what’s your “momoir”?

Over at the mom blog The Stir, there is a month-long photo series called Picturing Motherhood, with several mom photogs using pictures to share their motherhood tales.

There’s also this new book that “looks across a diversity of experience to present an entirely original portrait of motherhood.” Editor Dave Isay is the founder of StoryCorps, a nonprofit with a mission to help Americans tell their stories. Here’s a very moving example of one of the stories featured in the MOM book. It’s an animated version of a 12-year-old boy with Asperger’s syndrome interviewing his mom about what it’s like to raise him.

2. Funny Ha-Ha
Some moms are just funny, no matter how they slice it. And plenty of those dames have blogs. put together a simple, little slideshow of 31 of Hollywood’s Funniest Mamas here. There are some obvious ones: Tina Fey, Bette Midler, Whoopi, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and Carol Burnett. Then there’s Naomi Watts. (blink. blink.) No idea what that’s about. Then again, there’s also a slide show on there entitled “10 Smartest Celebrity Moms.” Whaaa? How did they decide who makes that cut? (Well, Michelle Obama is on there, so … wait, she’s not a celeb. She’s the FLOTUS. Hey, it’s Babble’s list, right?) I like Ms. Mary Mack’s celebrity mama highlight a tad better.

If you’re interested in celebrity moms (really, who isn’t?), check out StrollerTraffic‘s post from this week. It’s celeb dads raving about their wives as mothers. Cute.

3. Same Old Song?
Speaking of funny moms with blogs, there’s Liz Gumbinner of Mom-101, where you’re sure to get a giggle—maybe a even guffaw if timing is right. But wit isn’t the only thing you’ll find here. Often there are sweet stories with a little “life lesson” tucked in there like this one.

4. A Classic Soul
Sade never gets old. She can come out with an album once every 10 years (literally: Lover’s Rock; 2000. Soldier of Love; 2010) and still her music is instant-classic, forever-cool. And Sade never gets old. As in, look at her! The woman—mom to a teenage daughter— is 51. She gives the hot mom thing a new definition. Her latest video, sent to me by MMM-featured mom Sonya Childress, has Sade in the kitchen whipping up a batch of green Jell-O. As Sonya said, she makes something like green Jell-O look pretty damn good. Check it out here while you still can. (Who knows when Sony Music will pull the plug. Record company people mean business. I’m not even putting “Sade” in my tags. Remember what Tribe said about industry rule number four thousand and eighty )

5. Yo’ Mama So …
Glorious/Gracious/Downright Fantastic that you should tell her so. And often.
Happy Mother’s Day to all! Enjoy the weekend. And we’ll see you next week, yes?

Before we part, here’s a Fun Friday Foto …