And So It Was Blogged (IX)

Friday, May 21, 2010

Last Friday’s wrap-up was number eight (or VIII … who knows why I went Roman with those numerals). And that means MMM has been in the blog world for TWO whole months. I totally missed my monthiversary. Too busy rounding up the Best of the Blogs—my rundown of what I thought were the prime bloggy cuts from this 20th week of 2010.

1. The “Wait, What?” File
There are things that come to my attention that make me pause and say: Wait … what?! Lately, thanks to celebrities and politicians and all their nincompoopery, I’ve said it a little too often. Then this week came this idea from Huggies. Actually, I don’t even think I said the words. I think there was an eye-roll to the laptop screen and I moved along. One commenter on’s always fun-fiesty Broadsheet blog wrapped it up nicely: “And no, there is no reason to make jeans-colored diapers. There are strong reasons to make diapers that actually hold the explosive release of bodily functions.” So, Huggies, let’s keep the eye on the prize.

I also read this story about the long-term negative effects of too much TV on toddlers. File this one under: You Don’t Say. Hardly breaking news. In fact, there’s a line in the story that begins, “Common sense would suggest … ” Yes, let’s dust off that common sense. (Still talking to you, Huggies.)

2. Double Trouble
One baby is lots of work. Two babies? I’ve been told it is 10 times the work. Then there are twins … and triplets. I don’t even know what the math is on that level of work. But there’s this new research out of the UK that says “parents with twins are more likely to end up divorced” and face serious financial woes.

Marriage and kids—moreover the effects one might have on the other—was a popular topic online. My old homey in Toronto sent me a link to a story about minister and family coach David Code. Although his book, To Raise Happy Kids, Put Your Marriage First, came out last year, his valuable message is back in the news and making the rounds. I also read about Code here on Good

3. Play On, Players
Another friend, who is sitting quite securely on the To-Have-or-Not baby fence, called me after my post about OPK. She was slightly freaked out by it. Her words: “Nik! The playground makes me not want to have a kid. Or if I do, never take him there!” We laughed about it all. I went back to my laptop and then (kinda eerily) saw this story on Salon about playgrounds … the actual play spaces and how in our effort to make them safe and ultra risk-free, they’ve become no fun.

4. Daddy Care
Some fathers-to-be experience couvade syndrome (sympathy pregnancy). They gain weight, they have mood swings, a select few have even felt labor pains … or something similar. New research says that fathers can also suffer postpartum depression. OK. You feel our pain, Dads. Don’t think this makes it OK to leave that wet towel at the foot of the bed, though. Just so we’re clear. And that—as odd as this may sound—is a good thing. (Update: I heard from a couple dads who said the now crossed out line sounded dismissive and flip. Conceded. I’ll have to get the wet-towel dig in another time.)

Let’s keep this Dad love rolling …

There was also this story in the Wall Street Journal with advice for SAHDs making their return to the office.

Then there’s this blog I stumbled upon called The Busy Dad. The “About Me” write-up is fun and sweet at once. And this  quick post, about the birth of his tiny daughter this week … it’s the look on his face in the picture that caught me. It’s joy, it’s pride, it’s release. It’s a dad falling in love with his little girl.

5. Everyday People
One of my fave photo blogs is at it again. It’s Shutter Sisters and their One Word Project. This month’s word is “everyday.” And this shot is one mom’s great expression of just that.

See you next week, yes?


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    BusyDad says:

    Hey there! Thanks for the daddy props :) You pretty much summed it up right there. Makes the zombie-like exhaustion worth it. I’m surprised I can type a coherent sentence right n…….