I’m No Ryan Bingham

Monday, May 24, 2010

This week we head out to the Bahamas for a little vacation. Well, more like little vacation, big event. My sister is getting married. When the youngest of your siblings jumps the broom, it can make you feel all sorts of old. Yes, you’re 100 percent excited and happy for the darling, but old sneaks in there, too.

The trip is QB’s first island visit. His first wedding. And his first plane ride and hotel-stay as a walking, busy, got to pull/push/lift/shake/flip/toggle/squeeze/investigate this thing right, right now toddler. Should be fun … or at least funny.

Packing for the youngster, for what basically amounts to a long weekend in the Caribbean, has not been so fun. In my pre-Mama days, I traveled a lot, usually on business. I became a skilled packer. I knew the tricks to make the headache of travel less so. Mind you, I’m no Ryan Bingham.

For this trip, I literally had to pull out pen and paper to write the list of things that need to go with us. This was just the necessities, here. The “just in case” and precautionary items? That’s a different jot down.

We are looking forward to the near-guaranteed sunshine, laughter and goodness of the trip. Curious, too, about QB’s first meeting with the sparkling, white sand. (The last bit of white stuff on the ground did not impress our little guy. Plus, there was a fat snowsuit that called for him to lie down so I could shimmy him into it. Winter is just not his thing—for now.)

What we’re looking forward to less? The change of routine. QB is a roll-with-it kind of baby, and we’re ever thankful for that, but sleeping in a travel crib is not his favorite change-up. There have been a couple dicey nights at both sets of grandparents’ homes that my husband and I would rather not to relive.

We’re betting on QB, though, to prove us the worried-for-nothings. We’ll nestle into our Sweet Sleeper, marshmallow bed (he’s got the crib version coming!) and snatch those Zs like there’s money to be made from it. And set against a beautiful, sun-soaked, Bahamian backdrop, even if we’re up all night like the newborn baby  bootcamp days … No way am I going to finish that absurd thought. Let’s just leave it at sun-soaked, Bahamian and sweet sleep.

We’ll be away the rest of the week, so no new posts on MMM. Back at ya next week. Have a safe and happy Memorial Day Weekend. And a special shout-out to my fellow Canucks today: Happy May Two-four!

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    vettie says:

    The sun and fun will have him so tired, I’m sure he’ll be sleepping like a baby, I can’t wait to play with QTB in the sand, I hope he remembers me!