And I’m Singing This Song For You

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Well, it’s a done deal. My little sister got hitched. Married off. The wedding was lovely, and the bride was beautiful. (The fun-filled Bahamian weekend, though? Not that. My son got sick early into the short trip and it went downhill. Down a stressful, worrisome, steep hill. I’ll maybe get into the yucky details later. Right now, we’re all just trying to think about the happy times.)

The ceremony was on the beach at a sprawling resort. And though the sun was beating down on the backs of us bridesmaids, I was smiling. To see my sister happy and totally in love, I could do nothing but grin.

Several people in the tight-knit audience were quite emotional during sweet ceremony. Surprisingly, I wasn’t. Even when the bride choked up during her vows, I was solid. Smiling. Happy.

At the reception, the families and bridal party were introduced. We danced our way into the cozy ballroom to this eternally good-times tune. Still, I was smiling.

Then the special dances came. The newlyweds. Aww. Look at them.

Next up, my dad and sister. Too cute. So proud.

I headed for my seat. Get a sip of water. Get off my feet (finally). The groom and his mother took their places on the dance floor.

Their song started. It was this chart-topper from the late ’90s:

And that’s what did it. What is this watery substance collecting in my eyes?

I had heard this Boyz II Men song many times over the years at weddings, birthdays, wakes, and Mother’s Day celebrations … and nothing. Maybe a hum or sing along, but definitely no tears. But there was something different about this airing. This time I was a mama. My mind flashed to a moment that is so, so far down the road it’s practically ridiculous to even entertain it now … I thought about my little man dedicating the ditty to me.

A few sips of cold water and many flutters of the eyelashes later, I had diverted those brimming tears back to whatever duct they came from and the smile returned.

But then there was an e-mail from my husband. QB had gotten sick again, all over the bed and on both of their jammy-jams. And he was crying. I had to leave the party mid-dinner and go back to our hotel to see about my baby.

Racing into our room and seeing the little guy weak and drowsy and deflated, my heart cracked. I slipped out of my matron of honor gown and into whatever was nearby so I could climb into bed with my two drained boys. I took QB into my arms and rocked with him, softly humming a made-up song into his forehead.

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    Nella says:

    Hope all is well with QB now. I remember those days! Congats to little sis on tieing the knot.