Nobody Likes a Show-Off

Monday, June 21, 2010

Yesterday my husband received a few Happy Father’s Day calls from family. When asked how his special day was going, he started by saying that it was great because he got to sleep in. And by sleep in he meant until 8:30 a.m.

That’s laughable compared to your average college student, right? Sleeping in until 8:30 in the morning is probably not even called “sleeping in” among the non-parents of the world. It’s more like “sleeping in until the alarm clock wakes you and roll over to hit the snooze button.”

It made me realize that I’ve become rather envious of folks who get to sleep in. I’m talking, really sleep in. The kind of sleep in that you wake up wondering what time it is and you’ve got sleep lines on your face and you have double-check the time on the clock because it can’t be right and you have to ask yourself, How did I sleep so late? (Yes, I’ve thought about this for a while.)

I was on Facebook last weekend, and far too many status updates had things about how perfect the weekend is for sleeping until noon (NOON!) and reading in bed. OK, maybe there were only two people who said things like that. But for a sleepy mother, two is too many. It’s considered flaunting.

I knew that having a child meant big changes to your life routines. I was always an early riser, but not like this, man. Now I’m actually jealous of people who just talk about sleeping in. Even until 8:30!  Can’t be healthy to feel this way. Plus, I probably won’t return to the world of sleeping until noon for a good few years, so I might as well just settle into it.

Still, if you’re one of the lucky types who has the option to hit snooze buttons and use words like overslept, pipe down about it a little, huh? Not everybody’s in your boat. In fact, some of us have brief visions of totally turning your boat over. (Hey, I did say brief.)

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