And So It Was Blogged (XIII)

Friday, June 25, 2010

Well, this is the last Friday in Brooklyn. Sounds like an indie movie title, but it’s just the facts: we move to Montclair early next week. Still doesn’t seem real, but we press forward, right? And so here’s the Best of the Blogs—my rundown of what I thought were the prime bloggy cuts from this 25th week of 2010

1. To the Letter
See? I’m onto something. Last week I wrote about this blog from young mom Cassie Boorn. This week, NYT‘s Motherlode writes about it, too. The Motherlode post also cites one of the letters (by photog/blogger Karen Walrond) that I mentioned in my Friday wrap-up last week.  I like to tell myself that the great Lisa Belkin is reading Ms. Mary Mack blog and summarily biting my styles. That, or great minds think alike. Clearly!

After highlighting a few of the “letters to my younger self” from Boorn’s blog, Belkin adds her own letter to the well-written stack. Hers is not a letter to her 20-something self, but instead to the 30-year-old, pregnant for the first time, younger self.

On the subject of letters, Motherlode also blogged about father of two Bob Brody who has written letters not to his younger self, but to his young kids. Handwritten letters in journals to, he says, “share some family history in the name of love.” He transferred his missives (all 60,000 words) to his blog

2. Outta the Cart, Sunny D!
Growing up I was never a fan of Sunny Delight (or Sunny D, as they say now). I didn’t like the looks or, more important, the taste of it. Well, Sunny D made the list of the 20 Worst Foods to Feed Your Kids. No surprise there, really. In one 16-ouncer of the thick, yellow stuff you have 260 calories and 60 grams of sugar. Check out for more on the dirty 20.

Talking about food and kids, One Hungry Mama fesses up to having mixed feelings about Tot it Up Food Calculator, an online tool that helps you track your toddler’s diet. I agree with OHM that it sounds like it might be one of those cool tools, but it could also introduce weirdness into your child’s relationship with food. What do you think, useful or dangerous? (One Hungry Mama’s post also links to her tips on dealing with picky, young eaters.)

3. Bring It Back … Again
This week there was yet another major crib recall. More than 2 million cribs from seven different companies have been called back over suffocation risks. Here’s a story from the Baltimore Sun’s parenting blog Charm City Moms about the massive recall.

4. One For the Road
When we flew to Florida last Christmas, we were seated next to a family of five—two boys, one girl. I remember thinking, even though we had a young baby, we still had an easier time of it. On their side of the aisle  there was lots of crying, whining, complaining, yelling, glaring, threatening, and a couple of meltdowns for all. So it was interesting to read this post on Surrender, Dorothy (also crossed-posted here on BlogHer) about the pros and cons of traveling with just one child.

5. Body Love
There are probably loads of complaints we can offer up about our post-baby bodies. (And, no, we’re not revisiting Jillian WhatsHerFace’s thoughts on the matter, either.) Instead, let’s go into the weekend with a positive spin. has some advice on how to appreciate and feel better about your hot mama bodaay.

Have a good weekend, yes? And send us good luck as we pack up our BK lives into boxes. Many, many boxes.

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