Stay Classy, Brooklyn!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Yes, this is it. As my folks might say, I’m packing up my Georgie bundle and going. We move to New Jersey tomorrow morning.

What a strange feeling to actually pack up your house to start anew somewhere else. I said to a friend this morning, I know it’s Montclair, not Maldives. Still, it feels like a big move. Since coming here to the New York from Montreal, I’ve only ever lived in Brooklyn. I know this town well. In my last post about moving, I wondered how much I’ll miss this city and my life here. A lot.

On the other side of it, though, I’m definitely looking forward to all the discovery and the newness coming up for us three. In … New Jersey. I write/say it like that because these days I’m thinking about SNL‘s Fred Armisen and his take on NY Governor David Paterson, who always uses NJ as the punchline. It’s pretty funny, his (Armisen as Paterson) pronounced abhorrence of the state. OK. The mocking of the blind thing, though mean and cringe-y … come on, it’s kind of  funny, too.

Have a look for yourself. The bigger digs at New Jersey come at the 2:44 mark. (Canadian friends, I’m sorry. I don’t know why Hulu isn’t available there. Soon, soon, right?)

So, I’m off to clean out yet another cabinet. That said, I’ll be a little scarce on the blog this week as we settle in and try to get our phone and Internet hooked up. But when I return, MMM will be broadcasting from the heart of Montclair. It will be steamy July. And it will be all good in our new ‘hood.

Until then, have a good week and a safe holiday weekend!