And So It Was Blogged (XIV)

Friday, July 9, 2010

Hot hell! What a week, right? It was blazing out there. I heard the “could fry an egg on the sidewalk” line a bit. Actually, also heard the newer and hipster-er “could do hot yoga on the sidewalk” line a couple of times as well. Hmm. We survived the Montclair move, too. There is no “on the sidewalk” line to sum up that one, though. So let’s get down to business. Here’s the Best of the Blogs—my rundown of what I thought were the prime bloggy cuts from this 27th week of 2010.

1. Parents Just Don’t Understand
Recently I’ve come across a number of studies built around the general idea that folks with children are more unhappy than the child-free. So it was interesting to read this New York Magazine feature story about parents who love the kids but hate being parents. I can honestly say I really enjoy being a mother. It’s challenging, yes, but also fulfilling and wonderful.

Without an ounce of judgment, I’d like to ask the “this sucks!” group if maybe they expected their babies to offer happiness.’s Broadsheet tackles this aspect of expectations here in a “response” to the NYMag piece.

Salon had some other solid parenting stories this week, like this one about the practice of “elimination communication,” which is basically potty training your baby in the first six months. Yeah. It’s happening. But I really liked this post from last Friday by new father and author Peter Birkenhead about what I call the Gangs of New York (Parenting). Funny stuff, but true stuff.

2. Parental Guidance
Still on the subject of parenting styles, over at Contexts Crawler (a great resource that “scans the internet for media reports and other insights offered by sociologists and serves them up in a concise, snappy style.”) the spotlight turned to the hyper-involved helicopter parent. The gist? Helicopters, brace for impact.

What would a Ms. Mary Mack Friday wrap-up be without a nod to the NYT‘s Motherlode blog? One day Lisa Belkin will catch wind of us and she’ll drop a comment our way. Better! Bigger! She’ll ask me to guest post. (It’s called positive thinking, people.) Anyway, this week Belkin talks about raising a kid who is your polar opposite—a topic originally covered in Working Mother Magazine. Read the “Parenting by Personality” WM piece here and Belkin’s take here.

3. Perfectly Blue
This seems like a given, but a new study shows otherwise. New moms need to be told that their best is good enough, says this report on Striving to be the perfect mom will only line first-time moms up for increased risk of postpartum depression.

4. Might as Well Pump Up the Lady Gaga
How many of you heard that by playing classical music—especially Mozart—when your baby is in the womb, you’re helping to boost the baby’s smarts? The Thoughtful Parent‘s recent post looks at the truth behind (and later distortion of) this “Mozart Effect,” thanks to a story on NPR that featured an interview with the researcher who conducted the original study back in the early ’90s.

5. Short Stack of Memories
Another one of my fave sites to visit is collabo photoblog Shutter Sisters. I’m pretty much guaranteed to find something inspirational there. The images are that good. Hope to one day have one of my images featured in their One Word Project. (Positive thinking all day!) Today, through Shutter Sisters, I found this lovely mom blog/photo blog called Oh, How Happy We Are. I like that the blog’s name is in no way ironic; just true. This one photo by Julie Allaway is loaded with sweetness. It’s 65-year-old letters from her grandfather to her grandmother. You must go to her blog and read the caption to this photo. It will set your weekend up just right.

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    Lisa Belkin says:

    So, Ms. Mary Mack, what you you like to write a guest blog post ABOUT?
    E-mail me…, and let’s talk…
    Have a great weekend


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      Ms. Mack says:

      Oh, my word. This fantastic! Thanks for reading, Lisa Belkin. Wow. This whole thing right here? Made my month. I will definitely e-mail you. Great weekend, indeed.