And So It Was Blogged (XVI)

Friday, July 23, 2010

OK. It’s hot and muggy (which has become too common this summer). I’m juggling a few deadlines at once (also too common). And I don’t think I’m back to 100 percent yet, after my Farmers’ Market incident in Vermont, but there were a few things I read this week that I wanted to share. So consider this a light, summer serving of some bloggy cuts from this 29th week of 2010.

1.  Good Tree, Bad Apple
We all know there are some bad parents. The products of these shoddy parenting practices—often referred to as “little buggers”— are everywhere. But what about when bad kids happen to good people? This NYT‘s article talks about this and how parents ultimately have “limited power to influence their children.”

2. No Witty Subhead Here
I read this guest post by Laura Munson on ad hoc MOM and was thisclose to getting up out of my chair and applauding. The ad hoc folks called writer Munson “awesome.” I’ve never been one to use that word much, if at all, but I must agree here. Munson is a must-read. The post is talking directly to me and others doing the same dance: mothers who are writers that work from home. The daily juggling act is truly remarkable. As Laura said it, “Run-on sentence. Run-on life.”

For even more Munson reverence, please, please read her essay for the Modern Love column of the NYT (published last summer) called “Those Aren’t Fighting Words, Dear.” Quality. She’s also got a new book and a great blog. Check out the whole package here.

3. Call the Food Police!
The Daily Beast put together a list of the 25 Worst Meals for Kids. Disturbing, indeed. The real shocker? There’s something on the list called a  Mac & Cheese Quesadilla kids meal at Friendly’s  that has (I don’t think you’re ready for this …)  2,270 calories! That’s a kids meal. ONE meal.

(Side note: I read about the kiddie menu atrocities on NY1’s News anchor Pat Kiernan‘s blog. He has this excellent section called Pat’s Papers, a super roundup of newspaper headlines. Pat is a top-notch news gatherer … and, oh, yes, he’s Canadian.)

Speaking of food, my husband sent me this video and I wasn’t sure if I should laugh or try to find this poor baby some help.

4. The Bitch is Back
Just the name of  Mom-101’s alter-ego made me laugh: Etiquette Bitch. Perfect. And oh-so necessary. Read how EB swooped in to protect an apologetic mom and her crying bébé and then tell me we don’t need more Bitches like this patrolling our elevators, subways and mean, city streets.

5. [i] LikeThis
I don’t remember how I found this blog. I just know I’m so glad I did. It’s artist Kal Barteski’s wonderful blog called [i] LoveLife. If you need a quick inspiration hit, it’s there. Take this “My new To-Do list” post. I think we could all do with a list like this. [7/23 UPDATE: Just found out that Kal … is CANADIAN! I’m telling you, we’re a delightful bunch.)

Have a great weekend. See you next week, yes?

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    Glad you liked our guest post. I know, I thought about erasing the “awesome” but then I thought, NO, she IS awesome. We’re so glad people took the time to read it and that she struck a chord. Laura is great. She knows of what she writes too. SO inspiring.

    • 1.1
      Ms. Mack says:

      Now we’ll both probably start using the word to describe everything from toast to posts.

      It was a fine, fine guest post. Chord struck, indeed. Starting the weekend off feeling inspired? It’s… awesome.

      And thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment, Paula/ad hoc mom!

      • 1.1.1
        lauramunson says:

        Okay, you lovely ladies. THANK YOU and I too don’t like to use that word. But if my words can help then…damn. Makes it all worth while. Takes one to know one. yrs. Laura

          Ms. Mack says:

          And you’re kind with your words, too. Thanks for reading and commenting, Laura. This all adds to an already good day.

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    pendulumswing says:

    Thanks for hipping me to i love life…

    • 2.1
      Ms. Mack says:

      I knew you would dig that blog, Sharon, that’s why I sent it your way. (Do I know ya, or do I know ya?)

      Have a good weekend.