And So It Was Blogged (XVII)

Friday, July 30, 2010

I’m officially back to marveling at how quickly the days are zipping by. This is the end of July, people! Summer is melting away. So let’s get going before we look up and it’s November 7th, already. Here’s the Best of the Blogs—my rundown of what I thought were the prime bloggy cuts from this 30th week of 2010.

1. Mother of Invention
Someone tweeted about this absolutely adorable blog this week and, as if all were reading the same page of the same book at the same time, I started getting a few “gotta see this” e-mails with a link to Mila’s Daydreams. Go ‘head. Click it now, otherwise my gushing will only drown you. Back yet? Good. Isn’t that the most darling and creative thing you’ve seen in a good while?

Did some looking around and found this interview with Adele, the visionary mom behind this sweet blog, on another site worth checking out called Offbeat Mama.

2. More Kisses For the Puffalumps
How many times do I kiss my son everyday? What’s more than a lot? Babies are built for kisses and hugs and snuggles and tummy tickles and overall lovin’ up. <—-This has got be a fact, somewhere. Looks like we’re doing the little dumplings a favor, too. wrote about a new study showing a strong link between mothers showing plenty of affection and their babies developing into well-adjusted children and adults. Translation: We’re kissing/tickling/raspberry-ing them into emotional health.

3. City Search
You can always bank on a Forbes list. They don’t mess around with the research at that company. Serious math goes into the list subjects. So I was pleased to see ForbesWoman tackle—for the second year—the Best American Cities for Working Mothers. NYC made it to No. 8. Guess who was one notch above it? Of course! Hartford, CT. (You’ll understand better why I’m giving side-eye by reading this post.) Alas, Montclair nor any city in New Jersey made the cut.

4. School House Rocks
There were a few cuts about early education this week. First, a story on Jonah Lehrer’s* first-rate psychology and neuroscience blog The Frontal Cortex about the “magic” of preschool and the long-term, positive effects some early learning programs have on the brain.

Then there was this NYT story looking at how valuable early education is and whether it has any real influence a child’s life.

And over on Slate’s Double X, they’re talking about kids (albeit in France) who are down with reading the newspaper … in actual newsprint format, even when most of their parents don’t. There’s a daily paper targeting 10- to 14-year-olds called Mon Quotidien that’s doing well over there. In fact, its success brought about Petit Quotidien for 7- to 10-year-olds. Well, I say, très bon, mes petits lecteurs. Continuez!

[*For more good stuff from Lehrer, read his latest feature on stress and the search for a cure in the form of a vaccine in Wired magazine here.]

5. Cracking Up

When I saw this photo on, I wasn’t sure what to make of it. I mean, I like animal crackers. QB likes them, too. (Yes, the organic ones. Leave it be. It’s how we work things ’round here.) But designer animal crackers? They’re crackers.

Photo credit:

Then I read on and saw that the special edition Lilly Pulitzer-printed animal cracker box is for raising awareness and money for the World Wildlife Fund, specifically worldwide tiger conservation.

OK, so I backed down from the soapbox.

But I might just have to hop back on it to talk about these …

Have a good weekend, all. See you next week, yes?


  • 1

    As usual, great stuff!! Dont’ know where to start. LOVE the research showing a relationship b/t a mother’s affection and child’s well being. You think it still counts even when your child is like, “OK! Enough kisses mama!!” And… umm… designer animal crackers?! LOL. Okay. I get it. Good cause and all. But, really?

    Have a great weekend!

    • 1.1
      Ms. Mack says:

      Thanks, One Hungry Mama! I know I’m hoping that my son lets me kiss him (or at least tickle under his chin) well into his college years. It’s nice to have have wishes, right?

      And the designer thing? Don’t get me started. There’s cute and there’s “Come. ON!”

  • 2
    Jennifer says:

    I saw Cynthia Rowley-branded **designer** diapers at Target the other day.

    • 2.1
      Ms. Mack says:

      Yes, I heard something about that as well. They are diapers! We all know what goes on in diapers. Nothing on “designer” levels.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Jennifer!