So, What’s New? (A Brief Update)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The other day someone asked me: “So, what’s new?” I opened my mouth and a dolphin sound came out. I didn’t know where to start. In the end, I just pulled the old Jedi/Journalist Trick: “I’m good. What’s new with you?” Flipped!

But then I decided to get an answer together, and I’ve written some of that “new” here. An update, of sorts, on a few things keeping me busy.

1) Grand Return to Happiness Update: The response I received from this blog post last week was fantastic. It got the most hits on this young blog since it kicked off four months ago. Hearing other stories about getting back on this side of happiness and reading all the remarkable links, blogs, and sites about doing just that … inspiring. Thank you, folks.

This is Day 4/Week 1 of the Grand Return and it’s going well. In addition to carving out time for vital things like writing (essays, my novel), exercise (ran early Sunday morning, yoga today) and solo time (took myself out for a walk and a smoothie on the weekend), I have also:

  • Started jotting down some life goals—where I want to be personally and professionally in one year, five years and 10. This has definitely stirred the embers.
  • Signed up for this course, which kicks off end of the month. Perfect timing, as September will be my Rejuve My Groove month.
  • Started writing my life list—100 things I want to do before I go—and it’s letting my mind leap, run, and wander. I’m only at No. 54, but will happily get to 100 (or more … I’m creative.) very soon. A sample from my list: 25. Build a spectacular snowman with Quinn. 2. Brush up on my French well enough that I can read classic French novels. 15. Ride an elephant  38. Publish a photo-essay book. 4. Visit Paris and eat the perfect croissant at a sidewalk cafe. You can read about how to create your own life list here. Really. Consider putting a one together. It’s very affecting and liberating.

2) Connecticut Update: It’s looking like we’re going to be moving this time next year. Though it’s not 100% certain yet, I’m going to start wrapping my head around the move now anyway. Get as much of a head start as possible. But I’m looking at it differently, thinking about “not what I’ll lose, but what I stand to gain.” <—I married a smart one!

3) Montclair Update: Last we left off, this town was racking up some points. And since getting our car, the sun is still smiling on this place.


-Large-but-not-Costco-large grocery store
-*Friendly* post office
-Loaded, “doesn’t feel like a mall” mall
-Fully-functional Target (you would have to visit the place masquerading as a Target in downtown Brooklyn to see how the fully-functional part comes into play).

Points loss? The sidewalks are still outrageous. And then there’s the restaurants … well, I should say there’s one. We read about this one place in New Jersey magazine’s Top 25 Restaurants in the state. The spot we picked from that list is walking-distance from our place, so we used our first date night (in far too long) to try it out.

The ambiance was pleasant. The service, nice. The food? (blank stare) It was decent, at best. Starting us thinking, is “Top 25” in NJ different from “Top 25” in NYC? I can see my Brooklyn buddies nodded from here. We’ll have to try a few more spots and report back.

4) Bloggy World Update: I’ve got a few things brewing here. Just started a mamma project that I’m excited about, as well as a couple other MMM things  that I will roll out in a short while.

Also, this Friday I head out to my first BlogHer conference. The annual, sold-out bloggers’ networking-palooza is in its 6th year, it’s massive and it’s in New Yoorrrrk (concrete jungle where dreams of. There’s nothing you can’t do.)

And with that, let’s bounce out to what is surely the theme song for the scores of bloggy chicks packing, prepping and putting their best foot (in comfortable shoes, I’m warned!) forward.

More soon from BlogHer and beyond! Remember to follow me on Twitter for live-reports on BlogHer ’10: The Rookie’s Take.

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    I wish that I could remember restaurants to tell you about in Montclair, but my mind is a sieve and also things change, so I’m not sure if they are even there anymore. There is a good sandwich shop in Upper Montclair–it used to be called The Cheese Shop, but I think they changed the name, but the food is still the same. It’s next to the fire station.

    Anyway, great town. I love it, I miss it.

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      Ms. Mack says:

      Hey, Funki Diva Girl!
      Good meeting you at BlogHer. And thanks for stopping by MMM.
      You know, someone else recommended the Cheese Shop, too. But, yes, it has changed names. There are quite a few good spots walking-distance from our place, so we plan on trying them ALL.