And So It Was Blogged … Sorta

Friday, August 6, 2010

BlogHer ’10 kicks off today. And the best part is … I’m going! I was thinking about skipping the bloggy cuts wrap-up this week, but I have some good bits I want to share.

So, let’s reconvene Monday, where I’ll have my Best of the Blogs including any of the choice stuff that popped up during the conference. Deal?

But I’d like to leave you with something yummy and something sweet to start your weekend off right.

First, the yummy …

This “everyday” chocolate cake from one of the best food blogs running, Smitten Kitchen, looks delicious and—perhaps more important—easy to pull off. And the photographs look good enough to nibble.

And the sweet …

Image by Christoph Niemann

Artist Christoph Niemann, who lived in New York for a good decade before moving to Berlin with his wife and three sons, has this highly creative, fun blog on called “Abstract City Blog.” The way he tells a story with his illustrations … just magic.

But there’s one story that a colleague hip me to when he recently posted a link to it on Twitter. It’s an old one, from July two years ago, but still delightful.  It’s called “The Boys and the Subway.” Niemann also published a book based on this same post, called The Subway. Check that out here on Amazon.

Have a lovely weekend. See you next week, yes?

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