What’s in the Box?

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Coming back from Toronto yesterday really tested my nerves. Negotiating airline travel with a kiddo is pretty taxing.

But I reminded myself that soon, so soon, QB and I would be home with our favorite guy.

The ridiculously long line at Customs? Let it roll off ya, Blades.

The 20-minute wait on the tarmac, without functioning overhead fans, and the chatty Canadian Cowboy talking your ear off? Smile and nod. At least he’s friendly.

And let’s not forget the steeplechase that is gathering your luggage—especially the oversize kind, namely toddler car seats. Well, that? That almost did me in.

Seeing my husband’s beaming face, and hearing QB call out to him, helped wash most of it away. But some of the headache of airport annoyances lingered.

I entered into a spotless home. Always a lovely thing. But there was something more …

My husband had mentioned that some packages came for me while I was away. Now, if there’s any way you can arrange to have special deliveries awaiting your return from a trip … please do that. It’s like getting this special sprinkle of sugar on your day.

The first parcel was this:

Looks like a nice lens for my Canon, right? Guess again. It’s actually a mug!

The next box was the best box. It was from my friend Perryne.

I’ve known P for many years, but we’ve only become friends in the last two. She, like me, is from Montreal. We went to the same all-girls, Catholic, private school called Sacred Heart. (I know … I’m writing a book about it. No, really.)

We ran into each other a few years ago in my old Brooklyn ‘hood. Turned out, P lived five or six blocks away from us. She had just had a sweet baby girl—as in the week before—and was out strolling with her husband. We exchanged info, but never really kept in touch.

We bumped into each other again at, of all places, the OB/GYN. We had the same doctor. I was clearly expecting and she was coming in to see if there was a second baby on the way for her family. (Indeed, there was. An adorable baby boy.)

We stayed in contact after that, mostly chatting on the phone.

Perryne came to visit QB and me when she was very pregnant with her son. She brought a gift for Quinn.

“In Sacred Heart tradition,” she said, and handed over this colorful, expertly wrapped box.

It’s obvious to anyone meeting Perryne that she is a sweetheart. She’s got this lovely face with smiling eyes and a warm grin. But to know that she is thoughtful, well … let me get back to the package she sent.

We’ve only had a handful of playdates before the NJ move. It’s a challenge coordinating schedules for three kids. Naps. That’s all I say.

On one of our meet-ups, I spotted prayer beads* on P’s wrist. I complimented her on them and told her, just in passing, that I wanted to get some, too.

So, in the box? These …

In addition to the beads, there was a print-out of this book about children and learning through play, not memorization. P also included an actual book, Buddhism for Mothers*, and a letter—typed up like a written note, not an e-mail. In it she talked about how her summer was going, asking how things were in our new space and letting me know that Brooklyn missed us. There was also this line, an explanation for her sending the package, that resonated:

“It is my philosophy that things least expected are those that become most cherished.”

I’m telling you, make it so that you have packages awaiting your arrival. Or, make friends like Perryne.

[*A quick note on religion: I believe that people should believe in whatever they believe.]

  • 1
    cookiepie says:

    LOVE this post! And where oh where did you get that mug?? Mark needs that pronto :)

    • 1.1
      Ms. Mack says:

      Thanks, cookiepie!
      The mug came from Photojojo.com–a fantastic blog/site for photog junkies. Lots of cool stuff in their store.

  • 2
    Nailah says:

    What a cool mug! And what a lovely friend. I also like those prayer beads. Do you know where she got them from.

    • 2.1
      Ms. Mack says:

      Hey, Nailah. Thanks. Perryne just told me that she got the beads on etsy–one of your favorite spots. :-)

  • 3
    fesones says:

    P is the best…I married her. She is my prayer beads.

    • 3.1
      Ms. Mack says:

      Aww. How sweet. The two of you together must out-sweet each other, huh?
      Thanks for stopping by and leaving this great comment, P’s Husband.