And So It Was Blogged (XX)

Friday, August 27, 2010

This past Sunday marked five whole months of Ms. Mary Mack, and it’s been more than fun. I’ve met great people, heard great stories and learned great things. And I’m looking forward to the next five months and the five after that and on. Thank you for your outstanding support. Now, before we start heading into Mushy Land, let’s just get to it, yes? Here’s the Best of the Blogs—my rundown of what I thought were the prime bloggy cuts from this 34th week of 2010.

[Note: I’ve said it before: “This one will be brief.” Then I turn around and write a full post. But this time? This time’s for real. My MacBook mysteriously gave out on me. It’s being “worked on” by Apple experts. I’m relegated to my husband’s much older iMac. It’s entirely too slow and doesn’t allow me proper access to many programs or sites. Feels like I’m working on a word processor from the early ’80s. My apologies. The Real Deal Holyfield MacBook will be back in effect in about a week.]

1. Love: In Color
Back in the MMM “early days” (May … 2010!), we talked about StoryCorps, this wonderful nonprofit with a mission to help Americans tell their stories. Usually, it’s a listening thing; you hear real people telling their remarkable stories. But recently, StoryCorps has turned to animation, tugging even harder on your heart.

The latest animated installment has made the web rounds this month. The story: a sweet Brooklyn couple remember their life together.

“Being married is like having a color television set—you never want to go back to black-and-white.”

It’s a line the husband Danny says at one point in the touching tale, and it’s so perfect, it should be woven into the wedding vows somewhere. It’s also a reminder—a loving and necessary nudge—to we wives (and husbands) who often get wrapped up in the all-consuming new role of mother/parent .

Here’s the video. Spoiler alert: This will bring the tears.

2. Coming Home
Might as well keep that Kleenex box nearby, we’re on a roll. Over at Parent Dish, there’s this video, clips of soldiers surprising their kids with homecomings. It might yank your heartstrings clean off.

3. Stand Down, Meemaw!
On sitcoms, it’s formula funny. But in real life, the Butinski Mom/Mother-in-Law doesn’t bring on too many smiles. Enter with a helpful guide to dealing with the unsolicited advice that Nana has to offer.

4. Shrink Rap
I went to high school with a girl whose parents were psychiatrists. Outside of hugging a lot (as in every single time a family member left or entered a room in the house), it sounded like she had a pretty normal childhood. So it was interesting to read this piece on Slate’s always sharp Double X blog about kids of therapists.

5. Fun Through His Eyes
My son and I returned from a trip to Toronto earlier this week. It was his first time to his mama’s homeland. It was also the first time that QB and I traveled alone. Seeing his reaction to things, his taking in the world, at this delightful age of 18 months, makes everything—even waiting for boarding time at the airport gate—marvelous.

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