Kick Up Your Feet and Chill

Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy New Year!

Well, that’s what the start of this month feels like to me. I’ve always paired September with newness, fresh starts, forward movement. Definitely linked to my school years. And Labor Day is like the starting line, the launch pad countdown.

There is so much bubbling in my big pot that I’m practically dancing in place, anxious to dig into all of it.

I’m in a fine spot, too. A good distance from where I was just over a month ago, and seeing more spark and progress every day. Happiness—the decision to be happy was a good one, and I’m feeling full and bright and inspired.

I’m ready to go. I mean just GO! It’s a wonderful feeling.

But today is no go. It’s relax. It’s chill. It’s pause. It’s breathing it in. It’s the start of September. A brand new year.

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    MommyPhD says:

    I don’t know why, but this post just slapped me where I needed a lick (as my mom likes to say). I didn’t even realize, really, that today was a gray, blah day until I read this and immediately thought: “full and bright and inspired. I want some of that!” So thanks, for making my day.

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      Ms. Mack says:

      Man, MommyPhD. Now YOU have made my day. Thank you for this great comment. And please stop by again soon. Let me know how your full/bright/inspired-getting is going.

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    Nailah says:

    Yay for “new years!”

    I love this post. Very inspiring and encouraging. Can’t wait to hear more about your happiness adventure