And So It Was Blogged (XXII)

Friday, September 10, 2010

Today is a special one. It’s my husband’s birthday! The plan: spending the day celebrating this lovely, lovely man I married. So, this has to be super, I-have-to-cook-a-big-birthday-meal brief. Let’s go! Here’s the Best of the Blogs—my rundown of what I thought were the prime bloggy cuts from this 36th week of 2010.

1. So Fast, Too Fast
Back to school they’ve gone. Seeing all the little ones, dressed in special First Day outfits, making their way to and from buses and brick buildings was definitely sweet. Even sweeter? Hearing stories and seeing pictures of first First Days at pre-K, full K, grade 1 and on. Here’s one of my favorites from Mom-101. Though short in length, the post is long on heart … a bursting, joyful, slightly cracked heart.

2. Hit the Books … Against the Wall
QB really likes books. This makes his father and me ridiculously happy, almost giddy. Book worms are cool, man. I’ve always been one (still am, when I can carve out time to dive into a good story). And, my husband says, “up until about puberty,” he was into books as well.

Recently I tried out Dr. Seuss’ Green Eggs and Ham on the iPad with QB. He seemed interested in the colors and movement. And I … I was quickly realizing that I do not like this story. So it was funny to see Motherlode tackle this topic of “beloved” children’s books adults can’t actually stand. The post reveals this growing consensus: The Giving Tree needs to be chopped down. Parents hate it.

What about you? Any classic or popular children’s books that you really don’t like?

Speaking of reading, Wednesday was International Literacy Day. And the always resourceful PBS Parents had this great, little guide on how to help build your kids’ literacy skills just in the everyday.

3. Fear Not
We all know at least one Henny Penny. That mom who worries about every single thing, both real and sometimes wildly imagined. Well, NPR had this interesting list of five worries—based on surveys from Christie Barnes, mother of four and author of The Paranoid Parents Guide—that parents should just shake, because they are as rare as the sky falling on us.

Barnes says that unnecessary worrying (about things like school snipers or kidnapping) only creates stressed out parents who are putting their health at risk. She also said that fixing in on these “rare dangers distracts parents from the [ones] that matter,” such as car accidents and abuse.

4. Waiting in Vain?
When it comes to motherhood, there are so many questions within questions within decisions wrapped in contention, it’s mind-numbing. focused on one of these question/debates: Is it better to be a younger or older mom? Take a look at the video (spoiler alert: Swift Justice host Nancy Grace talks about her choice.)

Curious, if you could do it again, would you opt for starting a fam in your 20s or wait it out a bit and tackle that ride later in your 30s or 40? Leave your take in the comments section below.

5. Fresh Cut
It’s such a pleasant feeling to crack open something new: a book, magazine, bottle of wine. I felt something like that when I came across this new-to-me blog. It’s called Under The BIG blue Sky and it’s thoughtful and creative and honest. Read this post, the first one I read when I happened upon the blog, and you’ll hear it clear and crisp … the sound of newness cracking open.

Have a great weekend. Stay warm and well. See you next week, yes?

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    oh thank you for the mention Nicole! it has been a delight to meet you. goodness, you gave me a lot of great links to check out.

    one note though, I am probably one of the few “bleeding hearts” who loves “The Giving Tree”, but that “I Love You Forever” book where the mother drives over and crawls through her grown son’s window book, has always creeped me out!!

    Cannot wait to see what else you have on here!

    • 1.1
      Ms. Mack says:

      You’re quite welcome. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Keep doing what you do. Great stuff.

      (As for “The Giving Tree,” I never had a problem with it. Surprised so many folks do, actually.)