Five Great Things About Motherhood … That No One Really Tells You

Monday, September 20, 2010

There’s a lot of talk about the demands of motherhood (parenthood, in general. I see you, Dads!). Even here on Ms. Mary Mack, in applauding and highlighting all the fab, first-time mamas, we get into the lessons, the juggling act, the sweeping change and challenge of it.

We must talk about that. Being a mother/parent is a Herculean job. Fact.

But there’s another side. And it’s so, so wonderful.

I was reminded of this late last week. To explain: lately QB applauds after I finish singing him a song. It doesn’t matter how short or long, real or invented, warbled or right the ditty is, when I sing my last note, my son applauds. And the look, the smile … Man, it’s like winning an award.

So, here’s my list of Five Little Things About Motherhood That Absolutely Delight Me

  1. Smell: A baby’s scent is something so hard to describe but easy to recognize. It’s this transcendent mix of deliciously sweet and delicate freshness. I take a whiff of my son’s cheek, his neck, his hands and I’m smiling. Instantaneous.
  2. Eyes: The little ones have such big, expressive peepers. But watching those eyes when your child makes a connection—the deflated balloon stuffed into the ceiling corner at the market matches the round, red thing on a string in the book he’s holding—it’s magical.
  3. Comedy: I laugh every single day behind something my son did. And I mean, head tossed back, eyes closed, hand to chest kind of laughing. There’s a point, maybe around the one year mark, when the wee ones’ personalities emerge. They dance, they sing, they play games, they do push-ups to impress pretty lady visitors. <— I wish I could video this one. Seriously. It’s fun with a side of fun.
  4. Sound: My husband always chuckles when he feeds our son breakfast. It’s not the way he’s sitting, reclining, in his high chair. It’s not his little fingers picking up pieces of fruit or toast. Those things are cute, yes. But what tickles him is listening to QB’s muffled chewing sounds. “He’s just so busy eating, but is so nonchalant,” is how my husband explained it. And we both get a kick out of the fact that telling QB his lunch is ready or calling out “Dinner!” doesn’t resonate with him. But say, “Time to eat-eat-eat,” and he comes running, trying to climb up into the high chair on his own.
  5. Sleep: When these kids get into the “sleeping through the night” part of things, it’s a gift. Watching them sleep? A special brand of pleasant. There they are, bunched up into a tight ball, bums in the air. Look again, they’ve unfurled and have stretched out like a cloud. And it’s a deep, rich sleep. I love it. (Mind you, I typically watch from a safe do-not-disturb distance of the video monitor. I am no fool.)

It really is the little things.

What about you? Share what’s on your list of motherhood joys in the comments section.

  • 1
    bird says:

    Well said my dear daughter. This is true, it’s the little things. And you have to enjoy them now, because they grow up very fast, and move on to other sweet little things

    • 1.1
      Ms. Mack says:

      Thanks, Mum! (And I love that you’re commenting on my blog.)
      I definitely see that these kiddies grow up fast. I plan to stop and smell the roses (or in this case, the baby’s neck) quite often.

  • 2
    Cori says:

    I love it when you’re holding them and they take their little head and nestle it just so on your neck. Their check is resting on your collar bone and then, the real moment, they make an exhaling sound. When my baby does it, I want to wrap her up, jump in bed, and stay there all day.

    • 2.1
      Ms. Mack says:

      Isn’t that the best, best, best? Cori, thanks for adding this cotton candy moment to the list. You can’t hug and squeeze them tight enough, I tell you. Goodness gracious, what darlings!

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    Nailah says:

    This is such a sweet post. I sent it to my friend who just had a baby.