And So It Was Blogged (XXIV)

Friday, September 24, 2010

It’s officially fall. OK, so it still feels like July (today’s high: 86 degrees), but it’s still my favorite time of year. I’m looking forward to leaves on the grass and slightly crisp breezes with lukewarm sunshine and dressing in layers and wearing tall boots and sipping thick soups and taking in all the autumnal goodness pulled from the oven. Speaking of goodness, let’s cut into this: the Best of the Blogs—a few of the  prime bloggy cuts from this 38th week of 2010.

  • I don’t drink milk. My body doesn’t digest it well. As a kid, I didn’t like the taste of it. But, throw some chocolate powder in there, and little Nikki was glug-gluggin’ it. No surprise, adding chocolate means adding sugar. But now some schools are banning all flavored milks from the lunchrooms.
  • With fall comes cooler weather. For a parent this means bracing for cold and flu season. A sick kiddo is no day at the park, obviously. But and looked at why things tend to get uglier at night.
  • Moms have this way of understanding their little ones’ unique language. Dawr clearly means a car. And deedee is birdie. Naturally. But helping you child’s language along can be fun and easy. suggests six games to play with le bébé (from 4 months up to 24 months) to promote language development.
  • Katy Perry’s video collabo with Sesame Street got 86’d. The reason? Too much cleavage. Here’s the pulled video. What do you think? The dress, is it too suggestive or just harmless, tacky, pop star fun?
    • One of my favorite photobloggers, Karen at, is working with Procter & Gamble on the Thank You, Mom campaign that simply celebrates our mamas. On Karen’s blog, she’s photographing “women who have adult children.” I liked what this one mother had to offer in advice for young parents:

    The relationship you develop with your children begins on the day they are born.
    Pay attention.  Be proactive.  Think ahead.
    Kids need more of your attention and involvement as they get older — not less!
    Stand back, but be available.  Independence is a gradual release.

    And with that, we’ll release you. Have a great weekend, moms and moms of moms … and you, too, Dads!

    See you next week, yes?

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      Nailah says:

      Oh no – not choclate milk! I can see where the schools are coming from with trying to get rid of the excess sugars but sometimes it seems that we’re zapping the fun out of life. How else ae kids going to learn about moderation if everything is banned?

      On the Katy Perry thing, I’m not sure why she was even on Sesame Street in the first place. I don’t remember the, putting pop stars on there when I was a kid. Plus she’s not exactly kid-friendly.

    • 2
      Ms. Mack says:

      Great point on the chocolate milk, Nailah.

      And on Katy Perry, it was harmless. Big deal and banning for nothing. (You’re right, I don’t recall celebs/pop stars on my Sesame Street. The again, there was no Elmo back in my day either.)

      Thanks for the comment!

    • 3

      I love the quote from the mom. Yes, I agree…my son is 15 years old and all I can think about is the fact that I only have 3 more years with him here at home full time. Just 3 more years! I know that it is just as important for me to be available for him now as it was when he was little. The time, it does go by so quickly.

      • 3.1
        Ms. Mack says:

        Thanks for reading, funki diva girl! And I cannot–absolutely cannot–believe you have a child who is 15. What’s your “perma-spring chicken” secret? Do tell. :-)

    • 4
      40 going on 28 says:

      On the celebrities on Sesame Street: I remember Bill Cosby, Carol Burnett, Tony Danza (although by then I was babysitting), Julie Andrews, and Lucille Ball. I know there are many more from the 90’s on.

      I think more people WANT to be on Sesame Street now because they grew up with it. When I was watching, in the early 70’s, it was still new.

      • 4.1
        Ms. Mack says:

        You are quite right. Totally forgot that Bill Cosby and a few other famous names were on the show. Of course, these days our idea of celebrity has changed. The net is cast very wide now.

        I remember singers and celebs also being on The Muppet Show. But so much of that show was for adults. Lots of inside jokes.

    • 5

      I am so happy you introduced me to Chookooloonks. I love it.

      And well, in all fun, how can you come down on Katy Perry when Elmo is naked?? LOL.

      • 5.1
        Ms. Mack says:

        Yeah, Chookooloonks is fabulous. I’m a big fan.

        And Elmo is kinda naked, huh? But, wait…aren’t they all? Big Bird, The Crouch, the whole gang? :-)