And So It Was Blogged (XXV)

Friday, October 1, 2010

This weather has me turned around. Will we be donning thick coats or thin T-shirts under the Halloween costumes this year? Anyway, September is out, this month is in. And here’s the Best of the Blogs—a few of the prime bloggy cuts from this 39th week of 2010.

  • I had no idea that there were so many recalls in this parenthood-baby game. From cribs and strollers to blankets and toys. Yesterday, Fisher-Price issued one of the largest recalls of kids’ products ever. We’re talking 46 different models and nearly 11 million units.
  • At this rate, babies will be born holding an iPhone. The question is, with kids being neck-deep in electronic media, how does it affect their academic performance? The Thoughtful Parent digs into this with some interesting stats.
  • An old, high school friend I reconnected with on Facebook posted this entry from what I soon learned is a terrific blog called Single Dad Laughing. This single dad (Dan) just started this blog in July and already has the most impressive following.
  • When my son naps, I work. So it was interesting to see Fast Company‘s “FC Expert Blog” post on why more people should nap at work.
  • A restaurant in a North Carolina town posted a sign on its door: “Screaming Children Will Not Be Tolerated.” Oh, yes they did.  Our wise friend at Motherlode, Lisa Belkin, went a little deeper on this story (there are more complicated parts to it). She also talks to a psychologist at Harvard Medical School, who offers some rules to make a restaurant “a learning experience for children” without making the other diners want to throw spoons at you.
  • Speaking of food …  Stop what you’re doing, take the five minutes and watch this 11-year-old kid talk about why we should eat local and buy organic and why it’s important to teach these lessons to other kids. (Spoiler alert! His little accent is too, darn cute.)
  • Two mom friends and I are heading to the movies next week. Neither of us have been to the movies in about 10 months. One movie I want to see is the documentary Waiting for Superman. Although, I think we’re going to go with something “lighter” for our first time back in the ring. But that hasn’t stopped me from reading about the doc. Here’s a great op-ed about the movie from NYTimes‘ Gail Collins.

Here’s a picture of someone “waiting” that actually makes me smile. My son loves, loves, loves trucks.  He has a particular fondness for the garbage trucks that rumble up to the curb. He can hear the trucks coming from a mile away and runs over to see what he can see.  It’s such a darling moment, especially on a bright, autumn morning.

Until next week, have a good weekend.