And So It Was Blogged (XXVI)

Friday, October 8, 2010

The suddenly-cold weather found my son and me indoors quite a bit this week. We had to add extra layers and thicker socks (even at home), but we found our fun. And now that the sun is back, I think we appreciate that bright, warm thing even more. Another thing we can all surely appreciate is the start of the weekend. And so, to get going, here’s the Best of the Blogs—a few of the prime bloggy cuts from this 40th week of 2010.

  • I’m one of four kids.  The youngest for just over a decade before my little sister nabbed that spot and moved me to the middle. I’ve always found studies about birth order interesting. But like horoscopes, some of the findings fit my story, while others are way off base.
  • Sesame Street will definitely be watched in our house (once the wee one is ready for the telly). With all the talk about television’s effects on the young mind, I was pleased to read on one of my favorite brainy blogs, Frontal Cortex, that plenty of good can come from regular doses of Big Bird and his colorful friends.
  • I often wondered if babies are affected by contagious yawning. BabyCenter’s Momformation looked into the answer.
  • Learning how many food products have high-fructose corn syrup is alarming, to  say the least. (I mean, whole wheat bread? Come on!) Now the Corn Refiners Association has launched a promotional—or educational—mommy blog tour to, I guess, take some of the stink off of HFCS. Even renaming it “corn sugar.” And some top bloggers, like Mom-101, just ain’t having it.
  • I’m not a big drinker. In fact, 9 or 10 months can go by without my having even a sip of wine. So giving up the drink was not a big deal during my pregnancy. For some moms, though, it’s a huge ask. Well, a new study out of the UK is saying “cheers!” to light drinking during pregnancy.
  • We haven’t talked food in a while. Saw some buzz about spaghetti tacos on Twitter. Ignored it. Then saw this piece about the strange dish in the NYT. I’m almost afraid to ask what’s next.

So, that’s the week, folks. Have a good weekend. And Happy Fall to all!

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    Nailah says:

    Birth order studies are always interesting. But you’re right, just like horoscopes sometimes they fit and sometimes they don’t. I also feel like sometimes you have to meld two things together. For example, I’m definitely the youngest but I think I also have some only child tendencies since I’m so much younger than the rest of the crew. Interesting stuff.