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Monday, October 11, 2010

Sesame Street. I’m sure we all have our own happy memories and favorite muppets, skits, guest-stars, and songs from this excellent children’s show.  After all, it’s been airing for 41 years.

I know my son is going to enjoy the show, too. He’s already taken a liking to Melmo (Elmo), and will happily point out Big Bird anywhere, imitate Cookie Monster’s “num-num-num” cookie-munching sounds and do a silly dance like Grover at will.

But he hasn’t watched the television show. Not yet. QB’s appreciation for all things Sesame comes from books.

It’s one thing to say that we don’t let our son watch TV. What’s more interesting is that he’s not at all concerned with it. It’s almost as if he made the choice to turn his back on the thing.

Sure, when it’s on he’ll look up occasionally,  but only to point out a car rolling through a commercial. When he was younger (sniff) and had just learned how to clap his hands, if there was applause coming from the screen, he would join in.

We’re not quite sure when to introduce QB to”Melmo” and the gang as 3D creatures living on TV.

Before you send me a link or four about the evils of television on the young mind, know that I’ve read all about it. I’ve also read this piece about the good that can come from watching Sesame Street.

Even more goodness from the Street? Check out this hilarious video:

And then there’s this heartwarming one:

[NOTE: A better version of this “I Love My Hair” video may be viewed here. Just fantastic.]

Obviously I don’t have to sell you on Sesame Street. Like I said, we’ll show it our home. Soon … or soonish? The when is still being worked out.

What about you? Curious, when will (or did) you turn your kids on to TV?


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