And So It Was Blogged (XXVV)

Friday, November 5, 2010

This week was quick and crisp. So we’re going to follow suit with the Best of the Blogs.

I’m also at the beginnings of a media diet. I need my attention focused on writing this month, so spending less time online is part of that process.

Plus, I’ve been somewhat bored and disenchanted with the things flashing across the screens.

If I’m putting time into reading or watching something, I want to walk away feeling inspired, informed or at least entertained.

Not the case lately.

Complaints, contempt, cynicism, and some plain, old meanness? Oh, if I needed a hit of any of those things, I’m in the right room. I guess I don’t like the number of times I’ve read or watched something online and just shook my head—either from disbelief or disgust.

Anyway … with all that said (and my soap box pushed back under the desk), I did find a few bloggy cuts that I wanted to share:

That’s all, friends.

Remember to check in with us at the start of the week for our A-Men Monday dads series. It’ll be a good one, too. QB’s Dad will be taking the stage!

Until then, have a good one.

  • 1
    barneyabishop says:

    Soap Box under the desk for the weekend? ;-) I love your writing.

  • 2
    Debbie says:

    Followed you here from MB! You have a great blog. I would have loved a resource like this when my son was small (now 19 and recently left for University!)

  • 3
    Ferggie says:

    My feinelg has always been that girls may be easier and more pleasant as young children (and maybe as adult children too, since they are more likely to keep in close contact with parents? just a theory there). But I think that boys are easier to deal with as preteens/teenagers. Boys are more energetic/rambunctios as little kids, but I always say that no teenage boy is going to ask me to buy him a $300 Coach handbag or slam his bedroom door and scream “I hate you!” A teenage girl will do these things, probably on a regular basis. Then again, I have a 5-yr old boy, so maybe I have some bias as well