Footloose and Guilty-Free

Thursday, November 11, 2010

I know it will happen. In fact, it needs to happen. But that doesn’t mean I’m ready for it.

I’m talking about hitting the road without le bébé.

Now, I’ve traveled without QB before. Not often. OK. Just once, to my little sister’s bach’ette fête in Vegas in the spring. But the little guy was left in good hands. His father took care of him for two nights. Of course, I didn’t get any sleep during the quick trip … uh, because I was in Vegas, not because of hand-wringing worry.

OK. Just a bit of worry.

Well, this time I mean going away with the husband and no kiddo.

It’s another one of the firsts in your first kid’s first years that brings about so much consternation. The logical side of your brain tells you all the fret and fuss will have been for naught.

I know he’ll be fine. I know it’ll do the husband and me good to be Nicole-and-Scott again for a couple of days. What I don’t know? Why I feel so odd about it. You know that slightly nervous feeling mixed with hesitancy plus a huge dollop of guilt right on top of it all? Yeah, that.

And that the upcoming trip doesn’t include a sunny beach, poolside drinks or frolicking bare feet makes me even less excited about it. We’re going on a research trip to Connecticut. So my back is already up and we haven’t even picked our dates.

Clearly there’s more wrapped up in this “getaway” than the typical separation anxiety. That part of things I’ll have to work out on my own.

But on the subject of leaving your kids behind over a long weekend, I can throw the question your way. How did you do that first time? Lots of calls home? Or did you run from the house giggling and giddy before the door could close completely behind you?

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    michelle says:

    Hi Nicole
    you are going to have a great time. Dan and I just went to Jamaica sans bebe for the first time and it was great. Admittedly I felt off leaving, felt off at the airport, felt guilty as welll – but once there I really enjoyed myself. it helped that our nanny who cared for him texted a photo everyday of what they were doing and I’d call to say hi each night. He didnt even realize we were gone and it was nice to connect and be just a couple…at least for a few days.
    have a great time!!!

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      Thanks, Michelle. Even though there will be nothing that even remotely resembles a palm tree on this trip, I know in my heart it will be fine and we’ll have a good time.

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    Stephanie says:

    Even though my first trip away from my “baby” was quite a few years ago (she’s 16 now) I remember it like it was yesterday. She was just over 2 years old, I went to Cancun and left her with her Dad. I felt very guilty at first. But once away, it was a great four days that I really needed. My “baby” was fine. I did call once to check on her. Calls were pricey, and this was before all of the technology we have now. Your son will do just fine. I have found over the years that children are much more resilient than we are as adults.

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      Stephanie, thanks for the comment. So much of our worries as parents are really just *our* worries … those kiddies are just fine.

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    I have never liked leaving my kids and really, I still don’t (they are 9 and 15). Lately I have been away a bit on blogging media trips or blogging conferences for a few days at a time and that’s cool. Although the mess I come home to when they are left with their father/my husband is not. This summer my husband and I went to Jamaica with the kids for a wedding. This was our first vacation without them. Ever. It was fun for sure and I didn’t feel guilty, but I do like to give them travel experiences, so I did lament that.