And So It Was Blogged (45/52)

Friday, November 12, 2010

We’ve nixed the Roman numerals in the headline. If you have to start using your hands along with your head to “count” it out, it’s time to reconsider things. Our new numbering system uses the weeks of the year. We’re ending the 45th week of 2010, so it’s 45/52.

Simple enough … we think.

Anyway, let’s get into it. There’s plenty to chop up this week.

  • Author Erica Jong kicked over the powder keg with this essay in the WSJ about attachment parenting and American parents’ crazy push to mold exceptional children. Here’s a taste:

Attachment parenting, especially when combined with environmental correctness, has encouraged female victimization. Women feel not only that they must be ever-present for their children but also that they must breast-feed, make their own baby food and eschew disposable diapers. It’s a prison for mothers… .”

Aww, hell. Jong is going in on helicopter parents.

But what made the story even more interesting was this companion piece written by … Jong’s daughter, Molly Jong-Fast, who is also an author and a mother of three (including twins).

Junior Jong’s cleverly titled piece is honest, but not in a biting, Mommy Dearest way. It’s clear that there’s deep love there. This is perhaps best summed up by Jong-Fast’s last line:

My mother made sacrifices so that I could have choices, and perhaps that makes her a better mother than I will ever be.”

The wind on the backlash picked up pretty quickly. Over on Motherlode there was this guest post co-written by bloggers Jillian St. Charles and Katie Allisson Granju was a response to” Jong’s fusilade.” Two days later, Jong sent this letter Motherlode’s Lisa Belkin.

Canadian blogger Her Bad Mother wrote about being a good mother and how Jong got it mostly wrong. And, in defense of Jong, there was this post on Strollerderby.

  • Hoh boy. So there’s a new, super hush-hush “craze” that I recently read about called RIE (pronounced wry). It’s pretty back-to-basics. Let’s just say that if attachment parenting were a record, RIE would definitely be the B side. It’s getting a lot of side-eye, and some have even called it a cult. I’m kind of waiting for a Jong or someone similar to tackle this thing.
  • The next wave of heat came from Amazon “selling a self-published book defending pedophiles,” reported Like so many people, PhD in Parenting actually contacted Amazon, calling for the book to be removed from Amazon’s listing.

At first, in a statement released by Amazon, the company said refusing to sell “certain books simply because we or others believe their message is objectionable” is censorship. Then later that night, an error/can’t find it page was in the place of the book.

But get this: After the “for shame, Amazon” story broke, sales of the eight-year-old self-published e-book actually shot up. No such thing as bad press, I guess.

  • Preggo Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr has—surprise!—posed nude showing off her 7-month baby bump, and Salon’s Broadsheet asks: What’s with all the naked pregnant ladies?
  • NY1′s News anchor Pat Kiernan’s blog Pat’s Papers highlighted this story from the Boston Globe about moms-to-be primping for their post-push pictures.
  • Motherlode recently linked to this fun site: Like Mom, Like Dad: Recreating Pictures of Your Parents. It’s exactly what the title tells you, and it’s really sweet.
  • Mama B’s on a Budget is all about building a collective of “hip, smart and modern moms devoted to helping you edit what you need to be a good (enough) parent of happy kids.” And making sure you hear where Mama B’s coming from, there’s a manifesto: “We will call what we’re doing work,” it begins. Do read the rest of it here.

That’s it for now. Have a good weekend. Remember to check back at the top of next week for more from our dads series A-Men Monday.

Until then, stay warm!



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