And So It Was Blogged (48/52)

Friday, December 3, 2010

Eight years ago today, with a neatly (and oh-so tightly) packed suitcase, I flew from Los Angeles to JFK airport and moved to New York City. Eight years. Man. That kind of flew by. But it’s been a delightful ride.

Learned a lot. Laughed even more. And met the love of my life. Then, as if that wasn’t golden enough, I have this magnificent boy, my son, expanding my life along with my heart.

While I think back on my near decade in this big city, for you, we have the Best of the Blogsā€”a few of the prime bloggy cuts from this week.

  • The Thoughtful Parent looks into new research out of Germany that says toddlers as young as 3 years old have a pretty developed moral mind. Parenting expert Dr. Michele Borba continues on the morals topic with this post about raising courageous kids who will stand up for their own moral beliefs.
  • Oh, so there’s a maternal wall and a glass ceiling waiting for working women to smash into? Dag, it’s a hard-knock life.
  • Hold on to your baby bumps, expectant mamas.‘s 100 most popular babies names is here! Back in October we also linked to this story with the top baby names in NYC. That’s plenty of names to mull, right, moms? No need to follow what one mom-to-be in Toronto did … asking Facebook to “name my baby.”
  • One more thing about monikers for the wee ones: The Today Show‘s Parenting section looked it through the lens of what the baby names say about the parents.
  • Your 9-month-old doesn’t own soccer cleats yet? You better get that baby in the game because, as reported in this NYT story, sports training starts now!
  • Young ones not fitting into their fashion diapers? had a post about the disturbing trend of parents putting their babies on extreme diets.
  • Slate’s Double X blog looks at how the “Back to Sleep” campaign may have scared parents away from putting babies on their stomachs at all; and the tummy time is very necessary.
  • Cheers! Uh, not so fast, nursing baby. Salon’s must-read blog Broadsheet talks about how the British government is finally “recommending” that employers provide break rooms and places for milk storage for breastfeeding moms. But some folks there say it’s “bad for business.”
  • Had a conversation about keeping Christmas/the holidays simple, keeping it about family, with my MIL this week. Then came across this post from the BabyShrink (a psychologist mom of four living in Hawaii with her shrink husband) about doing just that. As Dr. Heather said, simple isn’t always easier, but it’s definitely better. And Babble offers 10 unique holiday traditions to start with your family.

What holiday traditions do you cherish most? What new ones have you started with your own little family? Do leave a comment. Always good to hear what you’re up to!

Have a great weekend. See you back here Monday, yes?

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