And So It Was Blogged (49/52)

Friday, December 10, 2010

I haven’t said this in a while … daaamn, where did the week go? We’ve almost cleared 2010. Can you believe it? It’s been a good year, though. Not without its challenges (let’s start calling them adventures, maybe), but definitely a good year.

If you could wrap it all up in a word, one word that captures what the year was for you, what would it be? My little sister has joined this fantastic online project that asks you to look back to plot your moves forward. The first exercise was all about your one word.

Thinking about my year so far, a few words come to my mind—don’t worry, they’re all good ones. I think I’ll whittle it down to the quintessential one and blog about it next week. Maybe you could think about yours too, and share it here.

[UPDATE: A bit of MMM good news. So, my second guest post on the NYT’s parenting blog The Motherlode went up Thursday! Have a read and let us know what you think in the comments section over there … and here. Thanks, folks.]

But back to the matter of the day: the Best of the Blogs—a few of the prime bloggy cuts from this week:

  • Woman in Britain proudly breastfeeds her children in tandem, but the kids are not twins. She’s nursing her newborn and her six-year-old son. What do you think, perfectly natural or completely disturbing?
  • Next time you’re faced with this one: “Mom, where do babies come from?” You can pull out this one: MamAmor, the doll that gives birth … oh, the placenta too. And, as ParentDish explains, the “newborn” has a snap for a mouth so that it can attach to the mom doll’s chest to nurse.
  • The National Transportation Safety Board hosted a forum on child passenger safety in DC yesterday and here’s what came out of it: 1) With kids and car seats, rear-facing for as long as possible is the safest way to go. 2) Parents may soon need buy a plane ticket for the under-2 kid instead of keeping baby on the lap.
  • Nap time is prime work time over here, so when I saw that BabyShrink was talking about toddlers not napping, I almost didn’t click the link. If I don’t click it, I won’t think it.
  • My son loves books and usually carries one with him wherever we go. I was the same way, always reading. Happy to see post this handy list of the best books to read with your kids. What say you, any glaring omissions?
  • I’m still on the fence about going back to the candy jar, so it was interesting to read this story from Man of the House that cuts into the myth about only children being spoiled brats. Then there was this odd one about Ted Turner urging world leaders to push for a one-child policy to save the Earth.
  • Thanks to Stay At Stove Dad for pointing us to this cute blog called They Draw & Cook, where they, well, like the name says. It’s recipe renderings by artists from around the globe.
  • Last week I talked about my son and our iPad (pardon me, I mean iBoom) and it was a hit. It was on the front page of and the traffic shot through the roof. Pretty exciting. Our bloggy bud The Thoughtful Parent had this post about “learning in an iPhone world.” Somewhat related, Science Daily delved into new research that says that toddlers exposed to more diverse things/objects are quicker to learn new words.
  • Calling All Fab Dads! Men’s Health magazine has this great sub-site for dads (parents, really). Here are some of the solid stories there: Dr. Oz‘s five health tips for parents. This interesting essay about raising “mixed race” kids. Or, *moms*, this piece about living in Lost-Libido Land.
  • Speaking of dads, one creative (and sweet) father took a picture of his daughter every single day for 10 years. Here is that decade in 1 minute and 25 seconds, time lapsed:

That’s all for this week. Have a good one!

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    41 going on 29 says:

    Great post on NYT! I actually headed over there before seeing this, and it was a pleasant surprise. Personally, I have no problem dealing with other people’s kids by explaining firmly, when necessary with my hands holding theirs (in hitting and possible harmful situations), that something needs to change. Often it’s my kid who is also involved.

    And thanks for being my child-site aggregator. You have a much keener eye for these things than I do! Very hot choices this week! Congrats again on the guest post and the wordpress kudos!

    • 1.1

      Thanks so much, 41/29. (Wait, did your ages change? I thought you were going on 28…?)
      I really appreciate all the comments you leave here. Mean a great deal.

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    Nailah says:

    Great job on the NYT post! Very exciting to be featured there twice. Thanks for the shout-out. Looking forward to seeing what your one word is.