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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Earlier this week, after a few puzzle pieces were moved around, I got to venture out to meet a good friend for dinner. In the City. At night. And I wasn’t carrying a diaper bag!

Sitting on the NJ transit train, I was smiling. Excited. Almost did a little shimmy in the blue, leathery seat because, well, I like hanging with this particular girlfriend; the laughs are absolutely guaranteed. But also because I don’t get out much. (Saying it that ways makes it sound like I’m a shut-in, right? But you get my meaning. I am a shut-in. No … I kid. )

I was also looking forward to seeing NYC. Taking in some of the grand, holiday windows. Brushing up against the hustle of it all.  I started thinking that I kind of miss going into an office instead of working from home—which essentially means working during nap time and after my son’s bed time. Now, I wouldn’t trade anything. I like this mom-writer-journo-blogger set-up I’ve got going.

But if I’m honest, there are some things I miss about office life. (Note: Not cubicle. Cube life can be pretty hardcore.)

It’s the small things, really: Being able to dip out at lunch and get a manicure. Falling into a great sale walking back to the office from a meeting. Even the afternoon cake-break that goes down (sometimes too often) to celebrate a co-worker’s engagement, baby, birthday or promotion.

(I should say here, though, that once I stepped on to the NYC subway … I was pretty much cured of this “missing it” business. But that’s another rant/story for another place/time.)

It made me think about the overall work that we moms put in. Whether it’s in an office, a home office or going the SAHM route—it’s all impressive, significant stuff. And worthy of celebration.

This brings me to the “Whoa, Mama!” Worldwide global studies project. We’re taking our mom applause around the globe, profiling one mother from every country on the planet. Ms. Mary Mack is on the look-out for some fantastic, first-time, global mamas to feature. Know one?

Migrant Mother, Nipomo, California (George Eastman House Collection)

We’ve done USA, CANADA, NEW ZEALAND, PORTUGAL, THAILAND, AND SPAIN. That means we’ve got 186 more countries to go!  So we’re asking you to lend a hand by spreading the word about this project. Drop an e-mail. Send a tweet or Facebook message. Your help is needed and appreciated.

If you want to nominate a first-time mother living abroad to be featured here, please send an e-mail to: get[dot]msmack [at] gmail [dot] com. You can also send me a note on Twitter: @NicoleBlades.

Thanks, all.

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