Well, 2010, This is Your Stop

Friday, December 31, 2010

Here it is: the eve of a sparking new year. Can you believe we got here so quickly?

As with every end of year, folks like to roll out the resolutions. That’s never really been my thing. Not on December 31st, anyway. But on a day like this,  it’s almost impossible not to look back at what was—the challenges, the changes, the celebrations—and think about what may be in store for you come January 1.

And looking back is good. It keeps your vision sharp, I say, so you’ll be alert and ready for the things ahead of you. In fact, I was just clicking through all the pictures I snapped in 2010.

Here’s a mere handful:

An absolutely wonderful way to stroll back in time. It’s almost guaranteed that you’ll laugh, loudly, and maybe mist up after looking at what your lens captured in one year. [Here’s a fantastic “year in pictures” made into a 5-minute movie by one of our favorite photobloggers, Chookooloonks.]

As for the looking ahead part, also good. Anything that’s about bettering yourself and your environment, then I’m all big nods, fist-pumps and back-slaps. You go!

But sometimes I hear folks making these resolutions that are so grand, so broad, that they are almost clear set-ups for disappoint. Lose 20 pounds. Travel the Mediterranean. Write a novel. Maybe start smaller. Focus on things that are so within your means, so entirely doable, that you’ll wonder why you didn’t try this before. Things that might open the doors to some of those larger, loftier ideas you have on the list.

For example, plan to listen more, speak (and interrupt!) less. This simple move can give you more insight into things, people and the dynamics of relationships, which can then lend something towards the characters and plot of that novel you hope to write.

Toss fun things in there, too. Perhaps you can join me in my intention to drink more non-wine things out of wine glasses. A protein shake or some orange juice becomes that much more elegant when sipped (never chugged) from some fine stemware. Don’t you agree?

Here’s wishing you nothing but the best in the New Year. Thanks for sharing your time with me over this last year. More learning, more laughing, more love in 2011.

Raising a glass—yup, a fancy red wine goblet—to you and yours.

~Ms. Mary Mack