And So It Was Blogged (1/52)

Friday, January 7, 2011

They’re baaaaaack. The Best of Blogs, that’s what. It’s been a few weeks since we shared any prime bloggy cuts. Can you believe the first week of the New Year is wrapping up? I’ve said it before, it’ll be June tomorrow. So let’s get started …

  • PBS Parents gives us 10 tips for instilling good sportsmanship in your kids.
  • Having a toddler is fun that goes on for miles. What I’m not looking forward to in the least? The inevitable tantrums that go along with the territory. Child expert Dr. Michele Borba offers her 10 toddler tamers.
  • Confession: I’ve got me a new guilty pleasure. It’s Glee.¬† I was gifted with the Season 1 DVD for Christmas and have found myself watching it a little bit too much. (Another story.) Anyway, there’s one character pretending to be preggo. The crazy stuff of TV worlds, right? Well, according to ParentDish, that’s exactly what one struggling actress did in real life. Taking it next level, the woman also stole a real baby to use as a “prop.”
  • Move over, owls. You’ve been replaced. Parents magazine shares a list of trends to look for in 2011, and birds have taken over the top animal motif spot. (Man, with all these birds dropping from the sky, our feathered friends could really use this good news.)
  • As mentioned last month, we flew to Toronto to spend Christmas with my family. And except for the urge to pull down-push up-pull back down the tray table, our son was a real trooper. But boy, am I glad we weren’t seated next to this guy, who is not too fond of sharing airplanes with kids.
  • looks at Jenny McCarthy‘s autism fight after the vaccination-linked-to-autism study was revealed as a fraud.
  • The NYT had a few good pieces this week. First on Motherlode there was a breakdown of the battle between Facebook and The Leaky B@@b, a nursing moms’ support group. It all started when FB deleted the group’s page apparently because of the breastfeeding photos posted.
  • In the Times’ education section, this article looks at how more schools are saying yes to iPads as learning tools. (Looks like my little guy is ahead of the game.)
  • But there was also a piece in the paper that talked about the importance of putting down the computers, turning off the screens and getting back to good old fashion play.
  • A friend sent me a link to catty-funny fashion blog Tom & Lorenzo. Not normally the go-to spot for talk of the wee ones, yes. But this link was looking at a recent irresponsible editorial spread in Vogue Paris. At first it seems like little girls playing dress-up or maybe outtakes from one of those peculiar tots pageants. But then scroll down and you realize it’s something more disturbing.
  • Now standing on the better side of photos and little girls is photographer Jason Lee. I’m his latest fan. Check out these absolutely darling photos of his two cute-pie daughters. Oh, and the girls have a blog, too. Go there and please click on Lee’s 2010 Year in Photos slideshow. Cute, cute and another helping of cute.
  • On the subject of photos, I’ve recently started a Flickr photo group called 30 Day of Good Nights. I’m asking folks to take a picture of the last thing that they were all wrapped up with before they called it a night. And to do this for 30 days. Have a look at what we’ve got so far and do share some of your own snaps. Here’s one of mine:

See you next week, friends. Have a good one!

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