There’s No “I” in Team … or Parent

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I recently asked a mom and fellow blogger how she’s able to get so much done while taking care of two kids.

“Help,” she said. “You must have help.”

When I asked another mother—this one with a thriving home-based business—how she pulls it off, she had a similar answer about having extra hands. But she added something else, something I found more interesting.

“You need a husband who’s truly your teammate,” she said. “Otherwise there’s no win—for anyone.”

I was thinking about that “teammate” line while watching a video of  Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, speaking at the TEDWomen Conference in Washington, DC, last month. Sandberg’s talk was about women in the workplace and the reason they need to keep their “foot on the gas pedal.” She also talks at length about working moms and how having a partner, a teammate, is absolutely vital.

Sandberg’s TED Talk runs just over 15 minutes (the working mother portion kicks in at  the 10:07-mark), and it’s a good one. Grab some tea, coffee or hot cocoa and watch… and listen.

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