And So It Was Blogged (3/52)

Friday, January 21, 2011

Another week, another snowstorm in the Northeast. Is it ridiculous to think (hope?) that this is the last one for the season? Can’t we just have cold weather, wind chills and clear skies? Yeah, I know. No need to say it. Instead, let’s just turn our attention to something else, like the Best of the Blogs:

  • Sigh. The Adventures of Tiger Mom continue. Last week, we got into the Amy Chua muddle. Well, the fire is still raging: Chua stopped by PBSNeed to Know to clear things up, explaining that the book is not a parenting how-to but a “tongue-in-cheek” account of her journey into motherhood. NYT‘s book critic Janet Maslin said the “memoir is about one narcissist’s search for happiness.” And the paper’s op-ed columnist David Brooks says with all her strict rules, Chua is actually coddling her children. Over on CNNthis essay takes a deeper look at the reader response to the Tiger Mom cliché. And child development expert Ellen Galinsky wrote on HuffPo that success in life isn’t just measured in how well you do (or compete) in high school, and she asks parents to really think about the “goals” we set for our kids.
  • Then there was this funny post on Salonin defense of Chinese dads.” And, in the New York Post,  a response from Chua’s oldest daughter. [OK. That’s about enough of Tiger Mom, I’d say.]
  • A senior at a high school in New England wrote to Free-Range Kids about the “no-touching” policy (so no hugging, just handshakes!) at the school. She’s written a petition and, man, this is one wise young woman.
  • Better Homes & Gardens gives a list of “10 sneaking home hazards” and to keep your family safe from them.
  • Although we’re an iPad family, we’re determined to avoid this situation: kid masters the video game, but tying a shoelace? That’s a challenge.
  • On the subject of invasive prenatal tests, a new study suggests that the “women over 35” rule might be wrong.
  • Our Brooklyn buddy One Hungry Mama wrote this great post about how her children helped her face her food and body image issues. On the topic of food and healthy eating, KidsHealth offers these five tips to “encourage smart eating habits” in your kids.
  • Co-Parenting 101 is a blog about, well,  co-parenting (raising your kids as a divorced couple, for instance). Here’s an interesting read—part 1 in a series—by a lawyer, writer and single mom about working through reluctance.

That’s about it, friends. Stay warm and well. And we’ll see you next week, yes?

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