And So It Was Blogged (4/52)

Friday, January 28, 2011

Where’s Bill Murray? Because this is starting to feel like Groundhog Day.

Sitting in my office, I’m looking out at folks shoveling—no, digging—their way out for the second time in as many weeks. Makes me think that Mother Nature’s got it in for the Northeast this winter. My friend Julia put it best: “The sound of shoveling snow in the morning is becoming as commonplace as birds chirping.”

Enough about the snow. Winter will do what it does, right? So we’ll just put on warm hats and good boots and dig into this week’s Best of the Blogs.

  • Actually, one more thing about the snow …  Slate’s Double X blog takes a funny look at how snow days make the working mom‘s job that much more challenging.
  • “Such a boy,” folks often say, when they spot my son out clutching one of his tractor books or toy trains. So it was interesting to see this story on the Today Show about trying to create some balance when raising girls in this “pink princess-y” world. And here’s an excerpt from author Peggy Orenstein‘s new book Cinderella Ate My Daughter: Dispatches from the Frontlines of the New Girlie-Girl Culture.
  • The Baby Shrink, wise as always, delves into why babies get “The Fussies.”
  • Thought we’d heard the last of Tiger Mom? Oh, please. This thing’s The Energizer Bunny in disguise. Now there’s some interest in turning Tiger Mom into a movie. While I think it’s time the Tiger takes a nap, the buzz lives on. Here are some clips of Amy Chua‘s sometimes-funny interview with Stephen Colbert (via Gawker TV).
  • This story is troubling. A single mom in Ohio, Kelley Williams-Bolar, was convicted of “lying about her residency” so that she could send her two daughters to a better school district. Her sentence was TEN days in jail. What the hell?  After spending nine days locked up, Williams-Bolar was released “early.” But the conviction may cost the woman her job (she’s a special education assistant) and ruin her chances of obtaining her teaching licenseThis is what should have folks heated, not some memoir about strict parenting.
  • I’ll never understand  why breastfeeding in public is an issue. And judging from the “nurse-in” demonstration held at a mall in Montreal, I’m not alone in this.
  • There’s a great blog called Love That Max about raising kids with special needs “and the parents who adore them.” (Max has cerebral palsy. Read his story here.) This post from earlier this week talks about “mushball vs. tough-love parenting” shows how we’re ALL dealing with the same issues as parents.
  • NEW BLOG ALERT: I met  writer and radio producer Hillary Frank in a Music Together class for our kiddies. She and I bonded over being writer moms who work from home—the 11-ball juggle of it all. Hillary started a blog, The Longest Shortest Time, offering the “truth about early motherhood.”  Also check out this podcast interview with our Music Together teacher, Anne Sailer, on how trying to calm her then newborn son with lullabies didn’t quite work.

That’s all for now, friends. Have a great weekend. Stay warm and well. (And ease up a bit, Mother Nature … please?)

See you next week.

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