And So It Was Blogged (5/52)

Friday, February 4, 2011

Another storm. Man. I know I said that winter will do what it does, but I don’t remember it doing it so much last year … and with such a vengeance.  Let’s hope that by this time next week, we’re talking about hints of spring coming through the air. Until then, let’s get into the Best of the Blogs:

  • You know you’re a mama when you do a little jig at the sight of the Amazon box containing your toddler’s potty. What—it arrived two days early, OK? Anyway, potty training, was in the news this week with this story out of Arlington, VA, about a 3-year-old girl suspended from preschool after having too many “accidents.” This prompted another story in the Washington Post highlighting how, these days, potty training and academic achievement have “become inexorably intertwined.”
  • Oh, Canada. Looks like going green has some parents seeing red. (Didn’t that sound like the perfect local news sound bite?) A 6-year-old boy in Quebec was barred from participating in a win-a-stuffed-animal contest at school because he had his lunch sandy in an “environmentally unfriendly bag.Oh là là.
  • CNN and outline 10 reasons why playing will make your kiddo smarter. One big tip: turn off the TV and educational DVDs and pull out those cars, squishy balls and dolls.
  • Ask a (especially new) parent about all their “free time” and you’ll likely get laughed out the room. From the moment those puffalumps bounce into our lives, the clock gets handed over to them. But have you ever wondered exactly how much of your time you give these kids? Well, put that abacus down. A survey in Britain has tabulated it all up and came up with an ugly number: working parents have 90 minutes “to themselves” every day.
  • There’s a new show called One Born Every Minute on Lifetime giving viewers an in-depth look at what goes on in the delivery room. That’s 40 cameras rolling 24-7 to capture “the high drama.” (Pass! A video camera was never once in the plans for my son’s birthing story.) Then there was this article on the Today Show‘s site asking whether recording your kid’s birth is your right or a distraction to the doctors and “potential privacy nightmare.”
  • Our friend The Thoughtful Parent is sharing some excellent resources. She’s compiled a short list of books, blogs and organizations with solid parenting information. Bookmark-able, indeed.
  • And then there’s this cute video. The My Little Pony shirt adds another scoop of precious. (Hat tip:

Have a great weekend, friends. Stay warm.

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