And So It Was Blogged (6/52)

Friday, February 11, 2011

Two years ago today, I was walking (albeit slowly) around a baby store in New York City with my mother. She had flown in from Florida earlier that day and we were trying to pick up a few last-minute things. My baby, the little peanut, was on his way into the world!

Although my doctor pegged my due date for February 16, a Monday, the idea that we were mere days away from meeting this darling boy had not settled in my brain yet. It—becoming an actual mother—was just floating around between my imagination and dreams.

That night, after half-way watching Lost and a segment or two of Top Chef, I felt it: a contraction. It felt like a strong cramp, so I tried to breathe through it. Then more came, this time the squeeze-pull-push of it all was more vigorous. It was the wee hours of the morning now, and we put a call in to the doctor.

“I think this might be labor but—” and then I couldn’t say another word. The pain was too intense.

My doctor finished my sentence for me. “Yes, this sounds like labor,” she said with a chuckle. “Make your way to the hospital and I’ll see you there.”

So we did. And she did.

Then, almost a full day after I stood staring up at a wide display of onesies at the store, we met him. Quinn. Our Quinn. It was 1:42 p.m., February 12, 2009. And I, even after endured an emergency C-section, was falling in love with a little baby boy.

Happy Second Birthday, QB. I love you more than any letters could ever spell. You are magnificent. (And you were such a delight during your first haircut!)


Let’s keep this Best of the Blogs short, yes? We’re busy putting together a little man’s special birthday playdate taking care of a little guy with a bad cold. (The five-kid birthday party, sadly, is canceled. Good thing QB is too young for disappointment to register. Mum and Dad, however, are bummed. Big time.)

  • New York Mag looks at women giving very live updates from the delivery room with Texting While Birthing.
  • I’ve long been a fan of Ta-Nehisi Coates, a senior editor for The Atlantic. And after reading his recent post about how giving birth to their son nearly killed his wife, I feel like if I ever met Coates, a hug is in order.
  • Motherhood Uncensored has a funny story about flying with a young baby in arms, and how  relieved people look when you keep walking past their row.
  • There’s a rise in baby tooth decay and—no surprise— doctors are looking at the “sleepytime bottle” as the culprit.
  • Good news for Wired‘s GeekDad: Hollywood’s come a-calling. The fun blog and bestselling book for tech-savvy fathers will be adapted for the big screen and the little one too.
  • Over on Slate’s Double X, the question is: Are “mommy cards” (as in, Suzy Smith – Jake’s mom) cute and fun or downright ridiculous?
  • Tina Fey is basically everyone’s favorite comedy writer, Palin impressionist and general smart funny chick. Her New Yorker essay, “Confessions of a Juggler,” will only win her more fans. Fey, with her trademark wry humor, talks about the second rudest question you can ask a working mother (Are you going to have more kids?) It’s a good essay, covering a few things—some might even say too many things. Definitely worth a read. Though it’s only available online to mag subscribers, this WSJ post about juggling family and career links to a summary of Fey’s essay.

That’s all for now, friends. Have a great weekend!