Cloudy With a Chance of Lemonade

Friday, March 4, 2011

Yesterday morning I got an e-mail reply about something I was keeping my fingers crossed for, hoping that it would work out. But it was a no-go.

I felt disappointed and a bit sad. Nothing soul-crushing, just the sting of hearing “no” when you were wishing for that “yes.”  My husband was heading —actually, running—out the door to catch his train. There was no time to process the note with him, no time to nestle into his chest and get wrapped up in a warm hug. Plus, he was going to be out-of-town for the next three days on business. So that meant no evening talk-it-over either.

Operation Cheer Up was all on me. Now, I’ve never been the eat-a-box-of-Oreos kind of gal when I need to lift my spirits. Laughter is my go-to medicine.

I threw out a social media line: Anyone got jokes? Good news? A bit of sunshine? Please share it.

And folks did not disappoint. Within minutes I was laughing (head tossed back) and feeling like myself again.

Here are two videos that definitely need to be bookmarked for a rainy day.


Of course, having a cute-ball toddler making me giggle every 20 minutes of every day helped my case too. Like when he discovered that he likes smelling flowers. Just sweet with delightful sprinkled all over him.

Then, as it usually goes in this life, those lemons I was handed in the morning were turned into lemonade. Strawberry lemonade, to be exact. Call it luck, karma, blessings … but I received another e-mail with wonderful news that afternoon. And there I was, back out at my post, smiling up at the sun.

Have a good weekend, friends. Let’s meet here again next week, yes?