Henny Penny Must Have Been a Parent

Monday, March 7, 2011

Fact: The “P” in parent stands for panic.

OK. Not a proven fact, but it feels like it’s right, doesn’t it? From the minute these little puffalumps enter our lives, there’s a new thing a minute to worry about, consider, think through.

The sleep thing.

The sleep on the back thing.

The latch thing.

The acid reflux thing.

The croup thing.

The projectile vomit thing.

The teething (always teething!) ear infection thing.

The the child-proofing thing.

The stroller, the crib, the car seat thing.

The recalls on all of the things.

Maybe you decided from the gate that you were not going to be one of those parents. The worrying, high-strung, Henny Penny types. The sky was not falling in your world. And so you’d be the calm, cool, “no prob” parent.

Yeah, so how’s that working out for ya?

We’re pretty leveled-headed around here (thanks in large part to the aplomb of my husband). We’re not quick to freak out over things that are outside  of our control. And—as you may have already figured out— being a parent is almost entirely about dealing with that which is beyond your control. It’s practically built on it. All you can do is hold fast to your wits, your common sense and your gut feeling that you are indeed doing the right thing.

All that said … the SKY IS FALLING!

One word: preschool.

Since we don’t know exactly where we will be living yet, we can’t make any decisions about where QB will go to pre-school. I wasn’t really thinking about it until I overheard one mother at the grocery story talking about a school waiting list her kid had been on “forever.”

Granted, I don’t know if that woman was talking about her teenager or her toddler. But my mind went straight to the “facts”… she was clearly put in line before me as a friendly reminder that it was time to panic about preschool.

Why else would she basically be talking to me? Right there in the grocery store check-out line. On a Friday morning. Don’t you see the signs, people? Ack! Panic!

Jokes aside, today I woke up thinking about all of it. More so about the move—which is roughly 100 days away, give or take a couple. Hell, let’s just call that next week. The thing is, we haven’t really scouted any towns yet. Not actively, anyway. So getting frantic right about now would make sense, I’d say.

But then, right there in the shower, I reminded myself that, no, the sky is fine. Blue and clear. And, no matter how many acorns tumble on my head, we would also be fine.

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    It all depends on how flexible you are or want to be. I based my decision on cost, location (could I walk there in good weather?), would they take a yet-to-be potty-trained child, and general feel. That narrowed it down considerably. I ignored what the air held about the “politically-correct” preschools and the “must be in” schools for their college education. I mean, we’re going public all the way, so we don’t need a legacy pre-school.

    Good luck with the long-distance choice deal. Of course, it could mean some nice road trips to check out the schools.

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    Sharoon says:

    Thinking of a move myself! I feel ya! We are talking about moving continents and the thought of schools, home, pediatricians, and what not is absolutely frightful. I love change! But at this point, it has me all nervous!

    All the best with your move.