Feeling Like Mashed Potatoes

Friday, March 25, 2011

All together now … big breath.

One more.

Man. It’s been a week. No, more like it’s been a quarter-year. We just came back from our research trip to Connecticut. I think we found our new town. Finding our actual home? That’s later.

Or at least that’s what the realtor assures us.

Either way, we left CT feeling like we’re carrying mashed potatoes in our bellies. You know that mushy feeling, where nothing’s really solid and there are these random lumpy sections tucked in the middle of it all? Yeah. That. It’s an uneasy, unsure mix that’s heavy on the unknown, but has a dash of excitement and topped with possibilities.

Not helping matters was the visit to a neighborhood pre-school. Now, the school itself was great—teachers and students all seemed perfectly pleasant. It was finding out that we’ll probably end up on a waiting list for this September. (They started registration back in November for existing families and December for everyone else.)

We also realized that we’ll need to bump our move-date up by a month. That means we have less than 70 days left here in Montclair, NJ. I said, LESS THAN 70.

It also means making another trip to CT in a few weeks to house hunt for real-for real. This time we’d likely take QB with us.

Oh, yeah … about that. I survived the first trip away with my husband, without our son. And I did “very well,” says the husband. No tears, no calling home every 10 minutes, no Henny Penny-style squawking. QB was a star, too. No surprise there. (Yes, I’m biased, but also truthful. He really is a good kid.)

The only “moment” was when I found out that I missed the youngster’s first pee-pee in the potty. (This might be the only potty talk we’ll have here. I want to respect the little guy’s privacy, and what better place to start than with his potty affairs.) I was happy for him, his progress, but felt a tad cheated because I wasn’t there to see it and give him a fist-bump. <—Oh, yes, we do this quite a bit these days.

All said, everything was pretty smooth … kind of like mashed potatoes.

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    barneyabishop says:

    I love mashed potatoes.

    • 1.1

      I do too, Barney. It’s just the best way to describe this anxious feeling that’s resting on too many “I don’t knows,” if that makes sense.
      Thanks for reading! :-)