And So It Was Blogged (14/52)

Friday, April 8, 2011

To say that I am excited about what’s coming down the line from Ms. Mary Mack is nothing but understatement. Fingers crossed, knocking wood, tossing salt over my shoulder (and whatever other random thing one does to court “luck”),  we’ll be debuting something new very, very soon.

Can’t wait to hear what you think!

In the meantime, let’s settle into something old and familiar: the Best of the Blogs from this week.

  • This made me laugh. Blogger moves from the buzz of Brooklyn to the lull of the suburbs and makes news: Local Family Eats Breakfast at Kitchen Table.
  • In his new book about happiness, parenthood and kids, economist Bryan Caplan tells it like it is: parents are actually happier than they think, as long as they follow a few key guidelines.
  • The Mother Company tackles a rather prickly subject, one that most of parents don’t know how to address: When You Don’t Like Your Child
  • While some of us are trying to decide how many kids we want to have, a new study has come up with not only the “right” number of children, but also the gender that will bring the most harmony to your family. Hint: Break out the pink dresses.
  • As the antiquated saying goes, Happy wife, happy life. But now a new study out of the UK is saying, Happy Mama, no family drama.
  • Working Mother‘s slideshow highlights the most powerful moms on TV. (We’re talking real women, mainly journalists. So, unfortunately, Clair Huxtable isn’t on the list.)
  • WSJ‘s fantastic blog, The Juggle, had a few solid posts this week: One on how to make work-life balance work (basically, if it’s not working, it’s kind of your fault); this one about men believing that their “career potential” grows along with their family, while women see the window on their job opps closing as they have more kids; and then this piece on how much sleep you really need. The post links back to a WSJ health story about “short sleepers“<—When you read about these people, you will feel a wave of envy hit like a brick. Just let it happen.
  • Hey, looking for a deal on a stroller? How about this one from Bugaboo for—wait for it—$1,500? Well, it is a double-stroller, folks.
  • One Hungry Mama shares the disappointing news about the FDA and food dye.
  • A Today Show senior producer demonstrates what we parents already know: We’re just minding the parrots. Cute, sweet, repeat-everything parrots.

That’s about it, friends. We’ll see you next week, yes? Have a good one.

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    Hooray for the return! Great list, and frighteningly apropos of my life right now. I’m so glad that I’m happier than I think and that my occasionally intense dislike for my terrible two is fleeting!

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    Jeff Silvey says:

    Well, now I want to see what you have cooking. What’s next?