Don’t Call It a Comeback, Been Here a Year

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

For the last few weeks, I’ve hinted about the “new” that we were brewing. Now, after many, many hours of building, tweaking, re-tooling, and resetting, it’s time to share it all with you.

Welcome to the sparkling fresh take on Ms. Mary Mack (Beta*)!
*We’re still adding some more flavors to this concoction.

Big thanks go out to Todd Wilson, who has a black belt in design and a gold medal in creativity. Down to the precise shade of orange, this man was focused. (And he’s always good for an involved chat about fonts, iPads, and college hoops.)

OK. A tour …

In addition to the insanely fresh coat of paint, there are also some new pieces added to the MMM mix. You’ll see them in full as we go about ripping off the plastic wrap around here. But let’s give you a taste of what to look for this month:

  • The Confab: It’s a gallery of experts sharing essential advice for an upgraded life. As much as we have been about celebrating motherhood and sharing parental intel, I wanted to add something more, a service, to this community we’re developing. In this new section, we’ll talk to experts about a range of topics—those things that are issues or challenges for mothers/parents. And we’ll go about putting together some solutions. The Confab debuts Wednesday (tomorrow!), so be sure to check back. Plus, there’s a little treat tucked into tomorrow’s post. Hint: It’s free!
  • Global Mamas: This is the “Whoa, Mama! Worldwide” project continued, but with a shorter, snappier name. And, friends, there’s this double-scoop-of-cool map that we’ve added to the project. Nothing short of fantastic! Again, raising a glass to Todd on this. Next country: Trinidad.
  • Third Thursdays: Yes, alliteration is always special, but you’ll want to drop by for this. The ever-fabulous (and fun) One Hungry Mama will be our resident Mother on a Mission, aiming to get us eating and serving good, healthy, colorful, fresh food at home. Yes, the same home with picky eaters, young palates, and often short-on-time parent-cooks. As OHM puts it, “Kids change the way we cook, but they don’t have to change how well we eat.” Aaah. So every Third Thursday, it will be OHM + MMM chopping it up in an e-mail exchange about good food and even better family. First one up: Next Thursday, April 21. Join us.

We’re very excited and proud about our new, snazzy wardrobe, but know that beneath it all, we’re the same ol’ gal, walking along with you as we make our way down this parenthood path.

Looking forward,