And So It Was Blogged (17/52)

Friday, April 29, 2011

What a busy week! Lots going on. Several pots boiling on the front burner. I’m gearing up for my Half-Marathon race Sunday morning. Equally excited and nervous about that.

Then, in some other big news … I finished reading a novel (Water for Elephants) this week. Oh, yes. That is indeed big news. It’s the first full-fledged novel—not short story or magazine piece—that I have been able to read, cover to cover since becoming a mother. And it only took me two weeks to do it! Hey, one mother recently told me that she hasn’t been able to finish reading a book in the 7.5 years that she’s been a mother. So hand claps all around for my mountain-climb, I say. [Ed. note: Read this book on the iPad. And I liked it.]

While there’s plenty going on in the bloggy world, I’m afraid this week’s Best of the Blogs wrap-up will be a brief one. But feel free to share news-y links to stories you’ve found in the comments section below. Let’s make this a group project, yes? It will be like putting all of our Easter eggs in one cute little basket.

  • Speaking of books, my dear friend Barney sent me this link to a list of five good books for mothers that ran on USA Today. I’m really interested in checking out the one by Stacey Edgar called Global Girlfriends: How One Mom Made It Her Business to Help Women in Poverty Worldwide. (Thanks for looking out, B.)
  • There’s a New Tiger in Town. Oh, you didn’t hear? “Tiger Mom” (Amy Chua)’s daughter, Sophia Chua-Rubenfeld, recently started her own blog.
  • We said it before: we like what the WSJ‘s working parents’ blog The Juggle is saying. This week they ran a post about Babyproofing Your Marriage, a companion piece of sorts to another WSJ story on the problems many couples encounter once le bébé enters the picture. Then I read the always-sharp Double X blog’s take on this idea of “Hello, baby! Bye-Bye, Marriage!” This post asks if pre-baby marriage counseling is the kind of stuff “expectant, neurotic yuppies” care about. Curious, what do you think?
  • Tell me you’re all old enough to remember Blossom? Or be kind and just pretend that you do. Anyway, the child star of that show, Mayim Bialik, is a full-blooming woman now, with kids. She’s on the sitcom (and one of my Dad’s favorite shows) The Big Bang Theory. Bialik also has a Ph.D in neuroscience—and a good head on her shoulders, which is clear when you read her post about the “roles of a working mother” on TODAY Moms.
  • Next Sunday is Mother’s Day! Rejoice, Mamas. You deserve a day and 20,000 more. The on-point women at Cool Mom Picks have put together a fantastic gift guide that shows how they got that name. Definitely pass the link along to your husband, partners, family, and friends with a strong hint and a wink.

Have a great weekend, folks. Let’s hope our feet hit the ground running—literally—on Race Day. Send your speedy wishes this way.

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    Kristin says:

    Mayim Bialik was also on Fat Actress (with Kirstie Alley). Hysterical.

    Congrats on the book reading! The only books I got through for a long time were my nerdy sci-fi with dragons books. And those could be read in one or two bathroom sittings. (Is that too crude for the clean, new look?)

    I especially appreciate the section of the gift giving guide that’s about “looking out for other moms.” Another suggestion is the “Help a Mother Out” group – They make sure that moms who need it have diapers and diapering supplies so babies don’t have to wait for a clean diaper. That’s what I asked for this year! (And it’s also what my moms are getting. But they don’t know that yet.)

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      Ms. Mary Mack says:

      Ha! You kill me, Kristin. Now we know what you’re doing in the loo so long.
      Thanks fr the Help a Mother Out plug. Will be checking that out.

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    Where is he going all determined looking with his bag? I love that shot.