The Best Beauty Secret: Acceptance

Monday, June 6, 2011

Last week , we were so honored to have the wise and wonderful Karen Walrond of  Chookooloonks in The Confab to talk about the beauty of different. Along with the great conversation, Karen also offered to sign a copy of her best-selling book to give away to one lucky commenter. (Thanks again, Karen.)

Well, we have a randomly-selected winner!

Photo by Karen Walrond

It’s Jackie, who said this:

The most beautiful thing about me are my hands. Long, graceful fingers meant to play the piano (which I can’t do; a goal of mine.) So many things my hands can do: touch, hold, feel, create. Currently my nails are full of stains from digging in the garden. Strong, dirty hands. Still beautiful.

Congratulations, Jackie. We’ll be contacting you via email to get your mailing address, and soon you’ll be holding (in those strong hands) your own fabulous copy of  The Beauty of Different.

There were plenty of thoughtful comments on what is “the most beautiful thing” about you. But there was something I found interesting: Jackie’s comment was one of maybe three that noted an actual physical trait as beautiful. Most women pointed to things like their outlook on life, their authenticity, their children, the way they love. Fantastic things, all of them. Still, I wondered …

For many of us, talking about our own beauty can be awkward. It’s similar to how too many women have an issue taking a compliment with any kind of grace. It made me think about what my answer would be. What is the most beautiful thing about me?

Happy to report that I actually have an answer: There are few beautiful things about me! My hands, my eyes, my mouth and smile, my collarbone. The fact that I can rattle off more than one trait is a big deal, because it took me years to get here. Years to accept my beauty. To accept that I even had something called beauty.

I used think my hands were too vein-y, my mouth too big, and on and on. I still have some ways to go, but I’m taking large steps (jogging, even) in the best possible direction, moving closer to a taking hold of the decidedly different and beautiful me.

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