And Another Thing …

Monday, June 13, 2011

The countdown is pretty much a wrap. Even though the idea of it hasn’t settled in my mind, the time has come. We’re moving tomorrow. It’s been more than a little hectic around here, as you can imagine. My To-Do list looks scary, despite the cheerful purple ink used to create it.

I’ve been waking up, almost startled awake, too early these last few mornings. The MacBook Pro in my brain just powers up and starts working well before the sun enters the picture. Then yesterday, somewhat randomly, I decided to reach for my iPod on the nightstand and check out a few blogs — the ones I haven’t had time to read in months. The first one I clicked on is  a blog I happily stumbled on last summer from artist Kal Barteski called [i] LoveLife. I forgot how delightfully creative and refreshing this woman can be. Turns out, Kal’s blog was exactly what I needed to quiet my speeding spirit.

After clicking around and marveling at her talent and imagination, I landed on this post titled “Right This Minute” where Kal offers up a list of goodness happening her life right now. As she put it — as simple and perfect as anyone could — no matter how many not-cool, negative or challenging things that may be swirling around you, there’s always, always, one thing happening that’s “good enough to distract you” from all that other stuff.

So, following Kal’s lead … I love right now because:

  • These mugs are coming with us to CT to serve my first cup of tea in the new house.

  • I found the most comfortable and cute pajammy-jams this side of the Mississippi, and I stayed in them all day long Sunday
  • the Youngster sang the sweetest rendition of  Frère Jacques” to me this morning, and the melody has nestled in my ear
  • yesterday I discovered a short stack of old photographs I took of QB + his first days ever sitting in his high chair
  • my trusty notebook is on its last pages, and I then remembered that I have a fresh one in my desk drawer
  • the bed is made up and looks even more inviting than it did last night
  • I’m sporting my funky, red kicks and the polite coffee shop owner complimented me about them
  • the polite coffee shop owner always greets me by name and with a wide smile
  • my sisters are fabulous
  • there’s a birdhouse in the backyard of the new house, and I can’t wait for QB to see it
  • I’ve recommitted to wearing my joy on my sleeve
  • those parents of mine, they are splendid
  • the new hair conditioner smells terrific
  • my husband loves to cook … and he’s really good at it. Related: I married a fine, fine man
  • I got my last Montclair run in this morning. No real sun, plenty of clouds with a hint a rain, but it still felt good. (I may have even been smiling for a portion of it. Smiling on a 5K … who knew?)
  • even with all the things that need to get crossed off my grand To-Do list, I may just find time to return here today to add to this most important list.

Now, I have to ask … why do you love right now?


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    Franchell Mack Brown says:

    I love right now because I just read your DELIGHTFUL blog! Thank you for the reminder to seek gratitude RIGHT NOW! May your relocation run smoothly … and looking forward to hearing about your insights and adventures as you transition in your new area.

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    Kristin says:

    I love right now because ShopRite let me get in and out in 24 minutes, and that means I have an extra 20 minutes to check email and read lovely posts like this before starting the next phase of errands.

    I’m happy the move seems to be going (fairly) smoothly. I’m sad that the BK->MTC similarities between us end tomorrow. Fare thee well in CT! I will of course, keep reading, but it was your Montclair “I’m not the nanny!” post that brought me to you, so I think of you as a Montclair Mommy.

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    Nailah says:

    Love those mugs! What a great concept. It’s so important to take a moment and think about the great things in life, big and small.

    I love right now because:
    My dog is snuggled up beside me
    It’s almost 8pm and the sun is still up
    I just started writing in a brand new pink notebook
    I just read a delightful email from a friend

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      Ms. Mary Mack says:

      Thanks, ladies. With the recent move, I think doing another “right now” exercise would do me some good.