A Few (More) Good Things

Friday, August 12, 2011

Received some sad news about a long-ago friend losing her mother to cancer a few days ago. This on the heels of losing her grandmother just six months before that. And, unfathomably, her father 4 months before that.

Then more bad news, this time about a food blogger I met once or twice. Her dear husband is gone. And she is suddenly a widow, a single mother raising two daughters.

As this weighty week comes to an end, I’m choosing to pay my respects to the departed by celebrating life. Celebrating those small moments that are sprinkled throughout the days. Those good things that remind us to keep our heads up and hearts full.

1. This kid of mine is Good Things defined. Today he’s officially 30 months old. Yep, a 2.5-year-old … full-on toddler time. As busy (oh, and I mean bizzz-eee) as he keeps me, this little guy also makes me laugh really hard every single day.

Photo by QB's Dad - iPhone

He’s made our “easy-does-it” approach to potty training a complete cake walk. And he says things like this:

The Grandma: Come on, let me change your diaper.

The Youngster, finger wagging at her: Oh, no, no. I’m walking away from you. (And he does.)

2. A new recipe for blueberry muffins made even sweeter when spooned into mini cupcake pans.

3. You know how much I dig a smart blog. So it was nice to find out about this one: 1000 Lives in 100 Words. It’s exactly as the title tells it. The blogger is aiming to meet 1,000 people and get them to write their story in 100 words. Simple but really quite special. The point behind this project is excellent: “To remind us that our lives are important. [This blog’s] here to remind us that it’s not the years in your life; it’s the life in your years.” Fantastic.

4. My mother is in CT helping us out. Thank goodness for thatwoman. This morning she pulled something out of her magic hat that made me smile and feel sad at once. This watch:

It was a gift from my father’s oldest friend Ossie, who died two months ago. Ossie gave me this watch when I was a kid, maybe 8 or 9 years old. It made me feel special and important and fancy having this “grown-up” watch. Looking at it now, all skinny and small, I remember that time. And I remember Ossie. This slim, little number definitely falls under the Good Things category. And to my mother for bringing it up here with her … well, you already know where we’ll file that.

5. These two chaps:

Now, turning it over to you … what’s good?

  • 1
    Ashley says:

    Good health and the freedom to live our lives as we please on this gloriously sunny day.

    • 1.1
      Ms. Mary Mack says:

      This is great, Ashley (especially on this second day of straight rain in CT). Looking forward to more sunny, glorious days ahead. :-)

  • 2
    Kristin says:

    Thank you for this wonderful post. It’s easy to focus on the sad, bad, mad stuff going on when we hear about the terrible violence and desperation in places like London and Somalia – and somehow that can make us look at the terrible in our own lives instead of feeling grateful for the wonderful.

    What’s good: My kids are freaking adorable and love to play “spaceship to Mars” together which then becomes Castle on Mars and then Dinosaurs on Mars. My husband and I have decided to (finally!) secure a date night on a regular basis. And purely for myself, I’m taking on some volunteering projects that are interesting and exciting. All good. (Not as good as your 2.5 year old making potty training easy while mine prefers poopie diapers. But pretty darn good.)

    • 2.1
      Ms. Mary Mack says:

      Oooh… a date night. That’s definitely a good thing. Let us know how that goes? Will it be dinner or a movie or something completely fun and different?