Celebrations: Wood You Marry Me?

Friday, September 2, 2011

I like giving gifts. That look of surprise and delightful appreciation on someone’s face after they’ve opened a present is really something sweet and special. I put a good amount of thought into the gifts I select (one of the reasons I’m not fond of giving gift cards. Cop out!).

Today, my husband and I celebrate FIVE years of marriage. So, of course, I went straight to the traditional wedding anniversary gift list to see what obscure thing we’d be working with for the five-year mark. Copper? Leather? Chain-link fence? Turns out, it’s wood.

My initial reaction was the same as the last four years that I’ve consulted this list: Who came up with this? How does <insert item here> relate to marriage and anniversaries? But, thinking about it a bit more, I started to come around on wood as symbol. It’s the picture of durability and strength. It’s layered, rich and impressive. It comes from something larger than us. And though it can be smooth or textured, featherweight or thick and heavy, it is the same everywhere. It’s wood.

Who knew wood and love could be so rightly matched?

Happy Anniversary, Husband! Through every cloud and bright and sunny day, I’ve loved you.

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