Get Off My Shoulder Already, Chipmunk

Friday, October 7, 2011

First, a bit of good news …

A couple of weeks ago, we hosted the fabulous Jamyla Bennu of Oyin Handmade in The Confab. We talked about finding and making balance in your life. It was a fantastic conversation. There was also a giveaway (a happy and thus far regular occurrence for The Confab). The prize? One lucky reader would get $30 worth of Honey Money — Oyin Handmade’s online gift voucher program. To enter, all readers had to do was leave a comment, adding their valuable two cents to the conversation. I suggested they talk about the secret sauce to their happiness or how they are moving closer to finding some balance.

After some random selection, we have a winner: It’s Marlena!

And here’s what she said:

I don’t know if it’s the secret sauce of happiness, I did a “friend detox” a little less than a year ago. Once I let those negative people leave, I had a lot more energy to dedicate towards myself and being healthy.

I’m finding that setting down roots somewhere also helped me gain some balance. My 30th birthday present to myself was a small condo. Being able to have a place that was out -and-out mine has been such a relief. As a result, I’m a lot more calmer now than I was five years ago.

We’ll be reaching out to you, Marlena, to get you connected with your Honey Money.

Next up … some more fun news:

This time next week, I will be taking my first vacation in years. I’ll be hitting the white sands of the Caribbean with my two sisters. Excitement ain’t the word. This break has been a long time coming.

All goodness, right? But there is the little matter of my leaving The Youngster home with his dad for five days. I know, I know. He’ll be fine. Still, I’m a small bag of nerves about the whole thing. I’ve felt like this before, when my husband and I went on an overnight (yes, just one night) trip to check out homes in Connecticut.

So, knowing that it will all work out, things will be right as rain and I’ll even get some beach-sun-fun out of all of it … how do I shake this annoying squirrel on my shoulder, gnawing away at my common sense?

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    Kristin says:

    For me, once something is truly out of my control (in the air on an airplane, hours away with no cell service, already jumped out of the plane for skydiving*), I can finally relax. Hopefully, once you’re on those white sands and have a drink in hand and a two-pack of sister ears to chat with and listen, you’ll let it all drift away…

    * I would never do this willingly!